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Find your comfort at Nono's - Comfort food from your Young and Care-free days

If you’re a fan of Classic Confections by  Chef Baba Ibazeta-Benedicto then you would have an idea about the new restaurant that opened near Ateneo and Merriam.

We were invited to the soft opening of Nono’s located at the U.P Town Center. This New Restaurant was named after Chef Baba’s father and offers dishes that hark back to her childhood and comes to us with inviting pastel interiors that have the warmth of family diners.

This is definitely your go-to place when constantly seeking the taste of comfort that comes from the dishes of your young and carefree days.

Nono’s offers a variety of dishes and desserts, to name a few them  are shrimp and candied walnuts, Nono’s homestyle fried chicken, pinoy style beef steak, Spanish hot chocolate and Chocolate Oblivion.

Nono's Shrimp and Candied Walnuts |
Shrimp and Candied Walnuts
We started our food adventure with their Shrimp and candied walnuts. It had crispy shrimps and candied walnuts resting on top of lettuce that’s drizzled with citrus dressing. The shrimp and candied walnut complemented the acidity of the citrus dressing and the fried wontons added a light crisp on every bite.

Nono's Home Style Fried Chicken |
Nono's Home Style Fried Chicken

We also had their Home style fried chicken and I had to say that it stands out from the rest. The chicken is boneless and comes with buns, corns on a cob, and French fries on the side. We joyfully devoured the chicken as it is but when we combined the gravy and honey as the dip the already great taste was elevated to a new level.

Nono's Pinoy Style Beef Steak
Pinoy Style Beef Steak

Next we had their Pinoy style beef steak. The beef steak comes on a bed of rice and the taste is more on a sweet note that most of Filipinos like, the beef is so tender and the crispy onion rings gives it a different dimension from the usual beef steak.

Nono's Chocolate Oblivion
Nono's Chocolate Oblivion
We ended our meal with their famous Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion and Donut paired with their Spanish Hot Chocolate. I’m not a chocolate fan but I have to say I liked how the Chocolate Oblivion tasted. Taste the creamy and mild bitterness of the Chocolate with a hint of sweetness and crunch from the crunchy walnut praline bits on the outside. The Donut and Spanish Hot Chocolate really complement each other as the moist and sweet donuts balances the taste of the bitterness from Spanish Hot Chocolate.

If you want to experience comfort of eating comfort food then head over to Nono’s at the U.P Town Center. Your travel won’t be a waste when you have a taste of Nono’s.

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