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Experience Power, Performance, and Efficiency on your fuel with the new Shell V-Power

Pilipinas Shell unleashed a new fuel to empower your vehicle like never before. The best Shell fuel yet.

They say that how you take care of your car also shows how you take care of yourself. Taking care of ourselves allows us to become our best version. In order to get to where we want ourselves to be, it is therefore important that we make the best decisions every single day. This includes our personal choices for products and services that affect our performance while we work our way towards our goals. While we have a lot of choices available we shouldn’t set of anything less than what we deserve.

new Shell V-Power

This is one thing that Pilipinas Shell understands when it comes to Filipino drivers. On June 8 2017 Shell introduced the new Shell V-Power. The New Shell V-Power is the product of over five years of tireless work by R&D experts, it is the only fuel co-engineered with and recommended by the iconic Formula 1 race team, Scuderia Ferrari. Shell’s most advanced Shell V-Power fuels  are now formulated with its proprietary DYNAFLEX Technology. It comes in three variants: Shell V-Power Gasoline, Shell V-Power Racing, and Shell V-Power Diesel.

Shell V-Power Racing and Shell V-Power Gasoline fuels target two key factors that can impact engine efficiency and performance – namely friction and deposits. The new Shell V-Power Diesel is designed to help restore up to 100% of your engine’s performance by removing deposits from fuel injectors.

“We are constantly faced with the challenge to keep up with the rapid evolution of vehicle technology and the changing needs of our customers,” says Anthony Lawrence Yam, Pilipinas Shell Vice President for Retail. “We understand their desire to give their vehicles the best which, in turn, may also help them perform at their best as well. This is why we have spent over half a decade of research and development to produce our best-ever fuel,  the new Shell V-Power.”

The New Shell V-Power is already available on the market so head on over to your nearest Shell Gas Station and fill up to experience power, performance, and efficiency on your fuel.

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