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HP Philippines launches EntreHPreneur Hub with tools that empower SMBs

HP Philippines launches EntreHPreneur campaign with tools that enhances productivity in co-working spaces. Thanks to HP's collaboration with PenBrothers and Microsoft Philippines, small to medium-sized businesses can now be more productive and in sync in how start up works.

As businesses become more and more diversified, a lot of people are drawn easily into creating their own business be it small or big.  Thus the term small-to-medium-business enterprises or what we known as SMBs came to life. A lot of big businesses or enterprises today came from being an SMB first. And it is also through these SMB entrepreneurs that help make a nation grow big and prosperous, revenue-wise.

R-L:  Kris Seville, PC Business Unit Manager for HP Inc. Philippines; Joel Guzman, Channel Executive for Microsoft Philippines; Don Mallilin, Technical Consultant for HP Inc. Philippines; Claire Pascua, PC Country Marketing Manager for HP Inc. Philippines; Paolo Del Rosario, Windows Business Group Lead for Microsoft Philippines

It is at this point that a tech-giant like HP Inc. Philippines has thought of a new campaign to help these budding SMBs and individuals who are starting up with their own business. HP Inc. Philippines introduces EntreHPreneur, a campaign dedicated to providing strong business solutions to SMBs in the country.

EntreHPreneur aims to address their need for innovative tech solutions and productive environments.  With this in mind, HP teamed up with Microsoft and the Penbrothers Co-working Space to develop the EntreHPreneur Hub.

The EntreHPreneur Hub is an enhanced collaborative working space that houses HP devices that aid business owners, startups, and freelancers in their day-to-day operations.

Easily accessible and ready-to-use co-working spaces are all the rage in the country today.  These spaces are favored by individuals who value freedom and flexibility in their work – from freelancers and startups to small and medium-sized businesses – those who are mobile and tech-driven.  Since they need to be adaptive, working in more than one location, this new crop of entrepreneurs and professionals also benefit from sturdy and lightweight devices that boast of powerful technical features.

Kris Seville, PC Business Unit Manager for HP Inc. Philippines

We at HP want to improve the modern workspace through various mobile business solutions. Over the years, we have always been on the lookout on ways we can create and reinvent impact among our users. As a leading device and solutions provider for corporations, we wanted to bring our expertise in enterprise to SMBs—startup companies, and other establishments that are on the top of their game when they are mobile and on-the-go.
 - Kris Seville, HP Philippines’ Business Unit Manager for PC

An enhanced collaborative working space, the EntreHPreneur Hub is filled with the tech giant’s powerful business tools that will aid business owners, startups, and freelancers in their day-to-day operations.  These devices are all enterprise-worthy, which can help them all work better, and smarter.

During the EntreHPreneur Hub reveal, HP showcased devices that make content creation, consumption, and idea generation more efficient and with optimum security.  These include:

  • HP EliteBook x360 – as the world’s thinnest convertible business laptop, the HP EliteBook x360      takes the user seamlessly from work to personal life.  It combines a powerful thin, light, and stylish    design with Elite-class enterprise security and mobility, being just 14.95 mm with a battery life of      16.5 hrs.
  • HP Elite X2 1012 – the HP Elite X2 is a versatile and durable powerhouse.  Presenting              uncompromised productivity, the HP Elite X2 is built with precision-crafted keyboards, LTE      connectivity, 10-hour battery life designed to the exacting standards of the enterprise.
  • HP Elite X3 – the HP Elite X is the first built-for-business 3-in-1 device to deliver seamless    phablet, laptop, and desktop business productivity.  Let increased output, collaboration, and security    be part of day-to-day work with HP Elite X3.
  • HP EliteDisplays – work and collaborate in style with HP’s new line of EliteDisplays designed to  bring you the most out of your HP Elite PC.  Choose from a standard display with four-way    adjustability and expansive connectivity, a curved display that will stop colleagues and customers in  their tracks, a Certified for Skype for Business display designed for efficient collaboration, or a    display with an integrated wireless charging stand for your mobile devices.

By providing work display and mobility, co-working spaces allow SMBs to have more control on how they work.  HP understands this and wants to enhance the experience through the EntreHPreneur Hub

Here in Penbrothers, we understand the challenges many SMBs face – hiring, payroll, working space – and we have introduced an innovative approach to meet these needs by providing an end-to-end solution... The launch of EntreHPreneur Hub further helps young businesses in tackling these challenges, given the flexibility and functionality of their gadgets.  We are proud to collaborate with HP Inc. Philippines and Microsoft Philippines on this project

Guilherme Faria
Guilherme Faria, Co-founder of Penbrothers
Guilherme Faria, Co-founder of Penbrothers, discusses the changes in the Philippines’ SMB landscape and how co-working spaces cater to SMBs needs.
Starting with the Penbrothers Co-working Space (6th Floor, OPL Bldg. C. Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati), the EntreHPreneur Hub will be available in other co-working spaces around Metro Manila in the following months. 

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