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Galaxy J2 Prime Review: Budget-friendly smartphone with Front Flash and Long Battery Life

The Galaxy J2 Prime is made for selfie lovers. It was around 2 months ago when J2 Prime(2017) was introduced by Liza Soberano as the endorser of entry-level J series phone from Samsung

Galaxy J2 Prime(2017) |

We get to review the silver J2 Prime. It's easy to setup right out of the box. Since it's an android phone, it's best to have a google account ready so you can easily sync your contacts, emails, pictures that's already in the cloud from your old phone. Though you can still keep the sync part and still use it w/o a google account, but you won't be able to maximize what an android phone can do.

Galaxy J2 Prime(2017) |

Fast internet(4G), long battery life, and its front flash is the J2 Prime's notable features. It's something that you want, but usually lacks in an entry-level phone. 

Galaxy J2 Prime(2017) |
Any wallpaper looks great on its 5" in display. Can't help but to use the Nike x Supreme Uptempo more as its background

Galaxy J2 Prime Pros and Cons


  • Large 5-inch qHD display
  • Active Dual Sim + MicroSD card slot
  • Front Camera with LED Flash
  • Long battery life with Power-saving mode
  • LTE ready
  • MS Office(Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote,OneDrive, Skype) for Mobile


  • lacks usable internal memory

The remaining 3.3GB usable memory is a bummer. With just a few apps updated the memory is already full, and you'll be prompted to delete the files. I haven't installed any games nor Spotify yet and I can't download new apps anymore. 

An honest feedback to phone makers these days, 16GB is new 8GB memory. Let's not use a mediocre space of 8GB is it will only frustrate the users. The android apps, may it be games or social media application is already consuming a minimum of 100MB.

Galaxy J2 Prime(2017) |


The J2 Prime's camera UI is easy to use. You can swipe left, right, up or down on the camera menu and it will give you different options.
Galaxy J2 Prime(2017) |

Switching from rear camera to selfie mode is a breeze. just swipe up and it'll switch to front cam, then swipe to get back to the main camera.

It appears that you'll get good pictures provided that there's enough light, but you may find it struggling when there's not enough ambient light. You can always turn on the camera flash though to assist it capturing stills.

The front cam's flash is a blessing. There's no excuse of not taking your selfies even in low-light environment. It just does the job!

Galaxy J2 Prime(2017) |
Back panel of Galaxy J2 Prime shown with removal 2600 mAh battery


We love the messaging J2 Prime is loaded with. You can make a call or reply by just swiping. Select a message of a contact, swipe left to bring up messaging thread and reply, or swipe right to make a call. 


Another prime spot of the Galaxy J2 Prime is handling calls. It's clear enough and the reception is good. Provided that your network's signal is strong, no call issues


It's not vivid, but! Yes there's a big but. It outdoor friendly. Aside from having a sensor to automatically adjust the screen's brightness it has its own Outdoor mode, that goes beyond the 100 percent brightness. It's bright enough even if the rays of the sun is pointing directly to the screen. Yes, texting or checking Facebook status updates even if you're walking on a side walk and the smile back at you.

The Galaxy J2 Prime (2017) Retails at PHP 5,990.00 and available in Gold, Silver, Black and Pink. Which from the J2 Prime's features attract you the most?

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