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Atmos Fit Elite: New Fitness Smartband on a budget at PHP890

You must be searching for the cheapest smartwatch / smart band. If you already read about our Atmos Fit Smartband review, we highly recommend the upgraded version.

The upgraded Atmos Fit Elite features longer battery life and now comes with a heart-rate monitor. If you're planning an upgrade or a first timer, get the Atmos Fit Elite instead of Atmos Fit v1.

Health-buff or not the Atmos Fit Elite is stylish and outdoor-friendly. It can go with casual, formal, or even rugged wear. Same as the previous version this smartband comes in two colors: Chrome Black & Lex Blue.

You can get it almost anywhere but better get the Atmost Fit Elite from these trusted online stores

  • Globe
  • Kimstore
  • Shopee PH
The cheapest one we know to get the Atmos Fit Elite is through Kimstore. They only sell it for PHP 890.00. We'll share to you how this new fitness smartband performs once we get the Fit Elite for review.
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