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Top tips from Rogin-E Mancon 2017 to stay on top of your A-game

Rogin-E held its first MANCON and the first ever Man Convention held in the Philippines. A 1-day inviting the attendees to have an active & healthy lifestyle

Rogin-E Man Convention 2017

Getting to the top requires a lot from you. Staying there demands even more. Having a work life balance while keeping an active healthy lifestyle can be very demanding for both mind and body, even more as you age. This is why it is important to be equipped with all the right weapons.

What do you need to stay on top of your A game?

Physical Endurance

Ace your work and personal life by having the capacity to give one hundred and ten percent to all your activities. Having an immense physical endurance enables you to stay energized when tackling multiple roles and responsibilities at home or even at work. Taking a multivitamin that contains Korean Panax Ginseng enhances physical performance while improving endurance.

Mental Power

Crunch time? Prepare your mind by channeling positive energy and getting enough sleep. To optimize your mind’s maximum potential through long work hours, take a multivitamin with Deanol for improved concentration plus increased mental agility.

Vitality of spirit

Stay resilient and keep your eyes on the prize even when things don’t go your way. Continue to work and believe in yourself. Keep the fire in you burning and sustain your success by staying positive and surrounding yourself with positive thinkers. Because of its anti oxidant properties, a daily dose of Royal Jelly can also give you youthful vitality so you can live life to the fullest.

Rogin-E Man Convention 2017 Stage

Balance of work and play

Avoid being burned out by making time for your interests and passions. Spend time with your family and loved ones to create moments that you can remember whenever life gets tough.

February 18 marks the day Bayer Philippines held the Rogin-E ManCon 2017, at the Metro Walk Tent in Pasig.

Rogin-E ManCon 2017 is a whole-day event especially designed for men who want to stay on top of their game. Attendees were encouraged to try out activities that showcased different interests and passions. Think cars and motorbikes for those who love speed and mobility; sports activities for those who want to stretch the limits of their physical strength and power; fashion and grooming for those who have an eye for fashion; and a selection of toys and hobbies to engage a man’s mind and body.

Developed by Bayer, Rogin-E is a multivitamin especially formulated for men who want to be on top of their game, at work and at home. It contains Korean Panax Ginseng that enhances physical and mental endurance; Deanol for mental potency, improved concentration and mental agility; and Royal Jelly for youthful vitality. Rogin-E gives the extra energy that men need to do well in all his activities both at work and at play.

Rogin-E Man Convention 2017

Experience life to its fullest and be the man on top with Rogin-E.

Multivitamins+ Minerals +Deanol + Royal Jelly + Korean Panax Ginseng is the generic name of Rogin-E.

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