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Samsung set to launch its next flagship smartphone in January 2017

2017 will come to be a better and more exciting year as Samsung prepares to bring a diverse range of smartphones that will establish gadget heaven in the Philippines.

Samsung Galaxy Phone for 2017, Q1 |

Samsung has been continuously innovating and evolving its smartphones to provide consumers the best experience right at their fingertips, and it seems like Samsung’s next flagship phone release is guaranteed to raise the benchmark for smartphones in the Philippines. Rumor has it that it’s packed with the winning features we’ve seen in the Galaxy S and Note series and maybe even more! The upcoming offering will, in true Samsung fashion, sport the features that have made the brand a favorite among those who want the best smartphone for their dynamic lifestyle, whether it’s for posting on social media, watching videos, playing games, or a combination of all.

The distinct Samsung features that have revolutionized the industry are sure to be found in the 2017 offerings, including the IP68 dust-resistant and water-resistant design that have awed heavy users with active lifestyles. It won’t be a surprise to hear about a powerful high-resolution front-facing camera with around 16MP that is perfect for capturing those double-tap worthy selfies that can be as clear as the photos taken with the rear camera.

We’re betting that the next Samsung offering would go for bigger storage space, possibly up to 264 GB, to spare us from the trouble of having to delete well-loved memories because of limited space. Other features we’re looking out for: dual sim with expandable memory, an even longer lasting battery, fast-charging capabilities, and the return of the USB Type-C.

Expected to hit Philippine shores by the end of January, Samsung’s upcoming release seems like it’s out to define the shape and style of smartphones in 2017. Could this be Samsung’s next flagship smartphone within its Galaxy S and Note Series? Watch out for what the mobile giant has in store for the new year!

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