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Shell, PNP launch “Itaga mo sa Bato” Quick Alert App

Shell and Philippine National Police reveals its collaboration to release a mobile app named  “Itaga mo sa Bato”,  a Quick Alert app that works as a distress call when someone is in danger or an accident was sighted.

“Itaga mo sa Bato” Quick Alert App
It is a known fact that crimes and law offenses are very rampant in our country nowadays. It is something that really disturbs and puts the public in distress.  Which is why Shell, the leading gas and oil company has collaborated with the Philippine National Police (PNP) to alleviate the proliferation of these notorious individuals.

Shell service stations nationwide will now be serving as emergency alert hubs to the public, wherein motorists inside or within the vicinity of a Shell station can report an emergency directly to the Philippine National Police’s command center.

This is made possible through the Itaga mo sa Bato Quick Alert app, which has been installed in every Shell service station in the country, as part of Pilipinas Shell’s commitment to help keep communities in the areas where they operate in safe.

Pilipinas Shell and the PNP, together with the Association of Pilipinas Shell Dealers Inc.(APSDI), recently launched the app with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU), where the partners renewed their commitment to work together to heighten efforts to keep communities safe.

Shell has a nationwide presence of over 960 stations, spread out in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The stations will provide the PNP with a wider community network to help alert them in the event of a crime, or during emergencies such as fire or accidents.

At the launch, the PNP and APSDI provided a demonstration of how the app works to members of the media.

How “Itaga mo sa Bato” Quick Alert App works

During an emergency, motorists can go to the nearest Shell station to report their incident. Using the quick alert app, staff from the station can report the emergency directly to PNP’s command center at the press of a button, enabling the command center to refer the incident to the nearest police station for a quick response.

In cases wherein an emergency happens outside the station, customers can still call their local Shell station and have staff report the incident for them through the app.

Since 2008, Shell’s partnership with PNP has produced various efforts that helped in driver education on safety tips that can be applied in their daily lives. This year, these initiatives are expanded by the oil giant, contributing to several projects of the PNP as one of its innovative methods in improving the country’s front-line services.

Partner on the road

Being one of the industry leaders in producing smarter products and building smarter infrastructure, Shell aims to create fuel stations that are not just mere pit stops for the road warriors but an oasis for all. It aims to demonstrate that it is a trusted partner of every motorist as they journey through life. Through the partnership with one of the country’s law enforcement units, Shell aims to showcase its commitment to safety and dedication to serve Filipinos for the next years to come.

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