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Manage your life with Taiwan Excellence Products

Living life to the fullest is more than just having the latest gadgets or material things. Now it's more important to have a healthy body and sound mind. These Taiwan Excellence products which have word-class quality will help in keeping you in shape and healthy, adding more value to our lives*

Nowadays, a lot of people find themselves searching for work-life balance. With demands from work, work-life balance appears to be an impossible feat, especially in today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Stop stressing and start achieving work-life balance with Taiwan’s best brands that bear the Taiwan Excellence seal, assuring customers of the products’ superior quality. A perfect slice of work-life balance can be possible with the following tips and Taiwan Excellence’s sports and leisure products.

Develop daily positive habits

Tern's Link B7 urban bike
Link B7

Commuting consumes a large chunk of one’s daily life. Why not schedule a “bike day” going to work? Take the versatile Link B7 from Tern for a fun and different urban transport. It would cut commute time while simultaneously adding minutes to one’s daily workout. The Link B7 can make your travel more convenient as it folds compactly in 10 seconds and has adjustable handlepost to find the right height ride.


Johnson’s Adventure 5 treadmill
Johnson’s Adventure 5 treadmill
It's difficult to navigate the high demands of one’s career. Work can get so challenging and may lead to anxiety and stress. Avoid this by finding an alone time to regroup one’s thoughts and re-energize for the next tasks. Reflecting, however, is not limited to finding a quiet room. Try clearing one’s mind using Johnson’s Adventure 5 treadmill. A good reflection over a productive work-out session can be a rewarding treat after a long day. This Adventure 5 treadmill can help you get energized and focus even if its raining outside.

Try new leisure activities

Vision & Vision Jr. goggles
Vision & Vision Jr. goggles

It’s no fun being stuck in a routine of work-sleep-eat-work. Start simple and try to look for new leisure activities. People who prefer more outdoor activities can commit to swimming classes during the weekends. Before diving into this new activity, make sure to get the must-have items, such as sunblock, comfortable swimwear, and goggles like the waterproof Vision & Vision Jr. goggles that have quality optic lens and multi-colored frame.

Get Moving

Ucheer kinetic energy dumbbell | Taiwan Excellence
Ucheer kinetic energy dumbbell

Being static makes the body accumulate pent up energy. Let that energy loose by working out. With many available work-out equipment in the market, one can easily perform a do-it-yourself work-out at home. For instance, Ucheer offers compact and portable kinetic energy dumbbell that combines muscle training and body kinetic energy. Get buff and start building muscles that will turn to firm biceps and triceps

Those interested in weightlifting can check Victory’s 5-kilogram bumper plate, which combines durable rubber and plastic in its design for a quality and convenient work-out. You can also customize your work out and use this plate to get pectoral muscles in shape.

Products like these can help maintaining personal health, which should be the priority to the modern generation.

Victory’s 5-kilogram bumper plate | Taiwan Excellence
Victory’s 5-kilogram bumper plate

Take responsibility for your own decisions

You are responsible for your own self. So when it comes to making smart decisions, remember to be always guided. Like a trusted friend, Taiwan Excellence-accredited products aim to enhance the quality of living. Choosing from its variety of sport and leisure products can help in being a step closer to getting a work-life balance.

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*This is a sponsored post

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