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MARVEL: Creative Day Out, a glimpse behind Marvel's universe

What would you do if you meet the artists behind your favorite Marvel Superheroes? What more if they happen to be a fellow Filipinos?

Just recently, Marvel Philippines held its first ever Creative Day Out event at the UP Theater in Diliman, Quezon City. It's a a full-day community event comprising of talks and exhibitions revolving around comics, fine arts, Marvel super heroes and a bit of story-telling

Filipino Marvel Artists Stephen Segovia, Harvey Tolibao and Leinil Yu share their journey through the Marvel Universe
Lots of avid fans and art enthusiasts flocked the place. We have known Marvel Superheroes since we were kids, and probably a lot of us would say that we have not yet outgrown the fancy of admiring each character.

Youngsters, mostly students, were so eager to view the artwork displayed on almost any wall of the lobby. After which, they will form a line at the designated area where their favorite artist was stationed and have a peek of their actual sketch and autograph signing.

Harvey Tolibao shows off his skills at the live sketch off.

There was also an informative talk about Marvel and how the comic heroes came to be, the introduction of Marvel artists and the sketching-off with Marvel artists and participants at the freedom wall.

Filipino Marvel Artists like Stephen Segovia, Havey Tolibao and Leinel Yu shared their journey and experiences of the Marvel Universe.

There was also an impromptu sketching contest of two teams led by Leinel Yu versus Harvey Tolibao wherein their amateur team of five, competed based on a given subject at a limited time. It was Leinel Yu’s team who won.

Leinil Yu coaches student participants during the friendly sketch off competition.
Aspiring young Filipino artists showed eagerness in listening to Mr. C.B. Cebulski, Marvel’s Vice President of Creative and Creator Development who shared the creative history and process of the Marvel Universe.

The Marvel Artists Stephen Segovia, Leinil Yu, and Harvey Tolibao finishes off the Freedom Wall where they share their sketches with the attendees of the event.
(L-R) Stephen Segovia, College of Fine Arts Dean Leonardo Rosete, C.B. Cebulski, NCCA Head of Committee on Visual Arts Jose Alberto Tanedo, and Leinil Yu joined together to start of the day’s series of exciting events.
Twas a tiring whole-day celebration of a significant Creative Day Out to everyone but no one left the venue unhappy. Random visitors were given a surprise superhero-in-a-box. I got the Iron Man bobble head. Geee!

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