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SAMSUNG's Noteworthy Affair featuring the latest newly-released Galaxy Note7

Another grand event and get-together of media partners, entrepreneurs, executives and distinguished guests flocked the grand ballroom of the Shangri-la at the Fort, BGC to witness Samsung’s milestone dubbed as “A Noteworthy Affair”.

Bathed in Samsung colors, the grand ballroom was designed to make a statement, using state-of-the-art technology to take the event to the next level.  These pieces of technology were then used in a grand reveal of the Galaxy Note7, highlighting its most impressive features – the enhanced S Pen, the iris scanner for best security, and the IP68 water and dust resistance.

Pegged as the smartphone that thinks big, guests at the Noteworthy Affair were treated to an out-of-this-world experience when they finally got to meet the Korean tech giant’s newest flagship phone.

Samsung Electronics Philippines (SEPCO) IT and Mobile Business Head, Rhinn Piczon, emphasized that the Note series has come a long way, especially in the phablet category. “Bigger is indeed better when it comes to those who want to get the most out of a single mobile device on their hands, and that’s what we’ve taken into consideration when the Samsung Galaxy Note7 was created”, says he.  He added, “With its enhanced functions, the most intelligent smartphone to date makes not just work, but life as a whole, much easier and much more convenient.  It enables consumers to create a noteworthy idea out of small inspirations and big thinking – and that’s what the Note7 is all about.”

Touted to be the most intelligent smartphone, the Galaxy Note7 boasts of 4 (four) compelling features not otherwise seen in any other device:
  • The most intelligent S Pen
  • The most intelligent entertainment
  • The most intelligent protection and
  • The most intelligent security
Effortlessly combining intelligence and style, just like themselves, it’s no wonder that Samsung ambassadors Solenn Heusaff and Georgina Wilson have remained loyal to the brand.  Both Solenn and Georgina agreed that life has been much easier since they made the switch to Samsung a few years back – attributing it to the innovative features that the Galaxy line provides with its products.

Samsung’s Galaxy line has always been about going beyond limits, which is why I love their products.  There’s a reason why Samsung has been a leader in mobile technology and we can clearly see that in the Galaxy Note7, with its enhanced S Pen, its iris scanner, its dust and water resistance and even its HDR video capabilities,” explained Solenn.

Georgina chimed in, Samsung has always designed smartphones that allow me to do much, much more than I can, whether I’m working or relaxing during my “me” time.  It lets me achieve a lot more, while also being able to express myself.”

Truly a noteworthy affair, esteemed guests from different industries have come to witness how an exemplary piece of innovation the Galaxy Note7 is.  The overall grand display all lends to the fact that Samsung is an innovation pioneer.  With the Galaxy Note7 as the smartphone that thinks big, there is no doubt that this will once again set the bar even higher than any smartphone has ever done.

The event was hosted by Bianca Gonzales-Intal who is also an ambassador of the Samsung Galaxy Note7.

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