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SAMSUNG launches new AddWash Washing Machine

Samsung Philippines just launched its Pinoy-friendly and time-saving washing machine. The Samsung AddWash washing machine lets you cut time by letting you add garmets or clothing you left behind.

Even the most organized individuals may forget to load every piece of clothing in the washing machine. Instead of waiting for the next laundry day or repeating the wash cycle, Samsung’s new washing machine with AddWash feature allows users to add more laundry in the middle of the wash. This reinforces Samsung Philippines’ pursuit to make its smart washing machine the Filipino home’s perfect partner for convenience.

Samsung AddWash Washing Machine

Everyone has been through similar scenarios – the wash just started then you find an extra sock or towel on the floor, or forget to load uniform or sportswear needed the next day. With Samsung’s new AddWash washing machine, users can add these items without stopping the cycle. Users can also put in extra fabric softener or hand-wash items later in the wash cycle or during the rinsing process.

Samsung AddWash Washing Machine

And for added ease, the Samsung AddWash allows users to monitor the laundry remotely using their smartphones. With this, users can check the wash cycle even while watching television or playing with the kids.

The Samsung AddWash also uses Samsung’s efficient Ecobubble™ Technology, which mixes air, water and detergent to create bubbles that penetrate clothes 40 times faster than plain soap and water. The result is cleaner clothes and less power consumption for lower electricity bills.

Samsung AddWash Washing Machine

Another great time-saver is Samsung’s SuperSpeed feature which completes a normal wash in less than an hour without compromising wash quality.  Powered by the SpeedSpray technology, this shoots out sprays of water so that detergent is rinsed off faster.

Samsung AddWash Washing Machine

Samsung’s AddWash washing machine also has a Digital Inverter motor, which ensures superior energy efficiency and minimal noise. For the modern homemaker, these practical features mean less time and energy doing the laundry and more shared moments with the ones who matter most.

The Samsung AddWash washing machine is available in 3 variants – 8.5kg, 10.5kg and 12.5kg. It is now available in select stores nationwide for as low as Php49,995. For more information, visit

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