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7 out of 10 customers highly recommend Home Credit Philippines

See why 7 out of 10 customers highly recommend Home Credit Philippines services.

In this world of the hustle and bustle era, moving ‘round town without a few bucks on hand is quite disheartening even to those who belong to the working class.  This is much apparent when you need something such as gadgets/tools (phones/tablets) to aid your daily activities or appliances (refrigerator/oven/washing machine) to support your domestic tasks.  Even more crucial when you spotted a sale of these items yet your pocket is empty.

7 out of 10 customers highly recommend Home Credit Philippines |

Fret not for we have found solution to your problem. You can have your dream gadget or most wanted appliances even it’s not yet payday. You need not have to open a bank account either or hurry and grab the chance of the credit card being offered by the representative.

For those who do not own a credit card and are unbanked, finding credit is a challenge. Today, consumer financing is gaining crowd when it comes to financial solutions. Home Credit Philippines is the only consumer financing company which has made it possible for Filipinos to be informed about financial inclusion as it focuses on responsible lending to people with little to no credit history.

In a recently conducted survey for consumer financing, 7 out of 10 customers highly recommend the services that Home Credit has to offer – an easy, simple, and fast way of getting the best and latest gadgets and appliances in the market, as it has partnered with leading electronic brands such as Samsung and Oppo, as well as top retail partners to include SM Appliance Center, Abenson, and Silicon Valley, among others.

Home Credit Philippines according to customers |

At the height of technology and social media, Home Credit has grown its customer base to over 280,000 customers, 180,000 of which were acquired within a short span of 9 months.

Now that the “millennials” are capable of owning their dream gadgets in as fast as 20 minutes, it has become a recommended alternative for people who want to make purchases without the hassle of credit cards.

Filipinos can take advantage of Home Credit Philippines’ safe and innovative consumer financing services and avail of the gadgets, appliances or electronics that can enable them to improve their quality of life.

More information about Home Credit can be found in their website at and Facebook page at

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JC Dela Cruz said...

I do not know where they got their stats. Here is my honest opinion from my experience. If you are availing their service for purchases then this will be a nice option but if you want to avail there personal cash loan then you should look elsewhere. HomeCredit charges really high interests for your personal loan. I got mine at 35k and monthly payment sums up to 50-60k. And whether you are a good paying customer or not their agents are quick to harass you and will not even bother to take note what you already communicated with an earlier agent. They are unprofessional and will harass you and your references.

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