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Manage your business on-the-go with PSBANK's Business Online Buddy designed for Small Medium Enterprises

PSBank is empowering businesses with Business Online Buddy (BOB), a cash management solution especially designed for Small Medium Enterprises (SME) to perform real-time banking transactions anytime, anywhere.

PSBANK's BOB is a cash management solution especially designed for SMEs to perform real-time banking transactions such as cash flow management, fund transfers, and many more anytime, anywhere.

With BOB, SMEs can manage their cash flows more efficiently. They can pay suppliers and settle utility bills, transfer funds to own or third party accounts, and sweep transactions from satellite accounts to a mother account. SMEs will also be able to closely monitor their accounts because BOB can show a history of transactions performed in all enrolled accounts in the facility. BOB can also assist in reordering checkbooks. Now, SMEs can multi-task and stay up to speed with the demands of the market.

There are more services that BOB can offer and there is no deposit Average Daily Balance (ADB) requirement to avail of the facility, making it the ideal business buddy to achieve optimal business growth.

PSBank recognizes the need for business owners to find efficient ways of handling their financial transactions while keeping up with the times and when they have to be on-the-go. With BOB, we want to enable our customers to manage and, more importantly, expand their businesses without being limited by the challenges present when dealing with banking transactions.  Our customers should always have a seamless experience when they partner with us,” said Emmanuel A. Tuazon, PSBank SVP and Head of Marketing and Customer Experience Group.

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