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The Best Home Entertainment with LG's 2016 TV line-up

Experience the Best Home Entertainment with the latest LG 2016 TV line-up

LG Home Entertainment is set to take Filipino consumers to greater entertainment heights with its latest TV roster, which includes superior updates on the flagship OLED TVSuper UHD TV, Smart TV platform, and Basic and Gaming LED TVs.

LG’s Super UHD (2016) is about to redefine ultra-high definition including the industry-leading IPS 4K Quantum Display and HDR Super.

The Future of TV: OLED technology

Carving out a whole new category of TV is the all-new OLED, powered by LG’s unmatched advancement and innovation in display technology. LG’s R&D division created unique self-lighting pixels that express perfect colors, perfect blacks, and infinite contrast in razor-sharp detail.

This year, the OLED receives significant updates that boost its delivery of dazzling images with every frame. The new Dolby Vision HDR, a transformative technology that allows for a more dramatic visual experience, produces more nuanced, more detailed darks and a fuller palette of rich new colors never before seen on a television screen. The 2016 OLED can now reproduce up to 99% of DCI – P3 Color Space, a color standard developed by the Digital Cinema Initiative. As a result, movies are more life-like, immersive, distortion-free, and visually stimulating from any angle when watched on a 2016 LG OLED TV.

LG’s flagship model also received an update in the sound department. Through a partnership with top-tier audio pioneer Harman/Kardon, the 2016 LG OLED comes with a front-facing sound bar, a speaker system that delivers clean, distortion- and reverberation-free audio to complement amazing visuals.

Rounding up the new updates is the innovative Picture-on-Glass Design, which brings consumers an ultra-thin 2.57 mm OLED panel with a translucent glass back to complement any decor scheme.

Super UHD TV

LG Super UHD 4K TV
LG’s Super UHD (2016) is about to redefine ultra-high definition including the industry-leading IPS 4K Quantum Display and HDR Super.
The 2016 Super UHD TVs redefine the ultra high definition TV category with the all-new Super Picture features, including the industry-leading IPS 4K Quantum Display and HDR Super. Through these technologies, the Super UHD series delivers higher color reproduction rates, consistent, distortion-free picture quality from any viewing angle, and genuine high dynamic range (HDR).

Unlike other HDR technologies, HDR Super delivers genuine HDR experiences without surging up the brightness levels. Higher brightness capacities touted as HDR will only wash out nuances in images and increase the risk of overheating and light leakage. With HDR Super, viewers can truly immerse themselves in whatever they’re watching without losing even the smallest of details.

The all-new Super UHD TV is also compatible with Dolby Vision HDR.

Smarter TV

LG SmartTV webOS 3.0
LG Smart TVs are made even smarter by the new LG webOS 3.0, making for easier, faster navigation across various unique features, including Magic Zoom, which allows users to magnify any portion of the screen without loss of picture quality; Magic Remote; and Magic Mobile Connection, which streams apps and other smartphone content to a bigger TV screen.

Netflix, the world’s largest video-on-demand company, is set to launch new original content in 4K and HDR this year. Filipino subscribers can expect over 300 hours of action, drama, romance, and comedy, best enjoyed with perfect blacks, perfect colors, and superb picture quality of LG’s 2016 OLED and Super UHD TVs.

LG's 4K OLED TV delivers Perfect Black and Perfect Color
LG Philippines will also be launching updates to its Basic and Gaming LED TV models, which delivers high picture quality the global innovator is known for at affordable price points.

LG’s new line-up of TVs is already available on LG stores and partner dealers.

To know more about LG Home Entertainment’s amazing TV line-up, visit; like LG TV Philippines’ Facebook page; or follow @LGPhilippines on Twitter and Instagram.

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