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Experience Netflix Video Streaming on LIVA mini PC, Building Your Home Theater

Are you a LIVA mini PC user and at the same time a Netflix fan? Here's some great news for you!

As Netflix’s global expansion of video streaming services is on the rise, it has been getting a significant growth of subscribers. To experience the best multimedia streaming on Netflix, users are facing a decision in upgrading their multimedia devices. ECS LIVA mini PC has many features that already meets the requirement of video-streaming and satisfies the demand of Home Theater, just like media players.

Enjoy LIVA as TV Box

Supporting 4K display via HDMI brings good image quality for the abundant programs and multimedia content. Both of LAN port and Wi-Fi card give stable Internet connections with a smooth streaming during  online watching movie. It is also convenient that more than three USB ports extend the applicability of extra entertainment devices. Besides, users can experience the modern digital lifestyle with outstanding performance of LIVA X2 and LIVA X. Designed as an appealing mini PC for home use, ECS LIVA builds a completely silent operation in a small footprint and low power fitting your home entertainment. Not only power-saving but budget-friendly LIVA mini-PC, keep sattracting customers’ attention in the market.

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