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Blogopolis (2016) 4D: The return of the Biggest Blog & Social Media Conference

Nuffnang Philippines brings back the biggest blog and social media conference with Blogopolis 2016 aka Blogopolis 4D.  Whether you're new to blogging, professional blogger, or just thinking of jumping in to the band-wagon...  you're invited!

"BLOGOPOLIS 4D” / Blogopolis 4D will be held on February 27, 2016 at the AXON Hall, Green Sun, Makati.

Blogopolis 2016 Blogopolis 4D
Blogopolis 4D poster

We're kinda intrigue why it's entitled Blogopolis 4D. Our initial impression is, we're up for big blogging conference we're we need to wear 3D glasses with real-life sorroundings.

This year's (2016) Blogopolis will talk about the four Dimensions of the Blogosphere – Dialogue, Diversity, Device and Direction. We don't want to assume or burden ourselves with what this four Ds would mean, as we'll save our time and just attend and experience Blogopolis 4D live!

Tons of new faces, future prospects and new learning will fill up the venue as speakers share their tips and personal experiences in blogging and social media. Who knows, you're favorite foodie/fashion blogger may take the stage

There will be two parts of Blogopolis 4D: The Plenary Sessions which will take place from 11:00AM – 6:30PM. Then by 7:30PM – 10:00PM is the Nuffnang Awards Night

2016 Nuffnang Awards
2016 Nuffnang Awards

You can score your free Blogopolis 2016 tickets to unlocked your blogging and social media presence, by joining Nuffnang PH contest

We'd like to tell you more on what to expect during Blogopolis 4D, but you being there physically, would be the best action to take.

For more details, please visit the official Blogopolis 4D website at!

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