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UBER Promocode for 2016: Valid anywhere in the World there's Uber

Claim your free ride from, worth up to PHP 200 by simply using this 2016 UBER Promo code! This code(BENTEUNOWUE) should be valid in any part of the world where there's UBER ride.

Read our First UBER ride experience, as we try and assess what it's like to ride with UBER in Manila.

You can also use the UBER Promo codeDUTERTEP1UE, to get PHP100.00 on first two rides. 

UBER Promocode for 2016

This Uber Promocode, BENTEUNOWUE, is valid anytime, in any part the world where UBER is already supported. You can enjoy your first UBER trip whether it's Uber Black or UberX on a discounted rate.

If you us this code in the Philippines, this UBER Promocode entitles you to PHP200 discount on your first two UBER rides(P100 discount per ride). The actual discount may vary per country as we're using different currencies.
Nonetheless, you will still get your the allotted discount w/in the same value or price range.

Don't forget to bookmark this page to get the latest UBER Promo code.

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  1. I applied the promo code and it says I have a free ride up to Php 600.00 Expires on Oct. 13, 2016.

    What amount would be credited by Uber is it => 600 PHP on uber rides or 200 as stated here?

    1. The promo works pretty well. At first, kinda nervous because first time to try. Thank you benteuno! Cheers for more promos like this!

    2. Glad to know you find it useful and we appreciate comments like this. We'll do our best to find and share more promos

  2. Hi! Do you have Uber promo codes for long time riders? Many thanks! :)


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