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Yahoo adds Gmail mailbox to Yahoo Mail while enjoying your free 1TB email space

Do you Yahoo? We'll, a lot of things changed, new features were added on Yahoo Mail. It's now smarter, faster and flexible to other mail platforms. Whether you're using the ad-free Yahoo Mail or the free one, the same Yahoo-experience can be felt. 

When the redesigned Yahoo Mail app was launched in October, users called it “slick,” “speedy” and “elegant.” The app now has a four-star rating in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Yahoo also introduced multiple mailbox management for, Hotmail and AOL Mail. But users noticed that something was missing from the list - the ability to connect Gmail and Google Apps account to Yahoo Mail. Users asked for it and now it’s here.


All the features users need and love in Yahoo Mail – powerful search, smart contacts, rich compose features and Yahoo Account Key for password-free sign-in – are now available with Gmail for a more convenient, powerful and personal email experience. Users can now search across their entire history of emails, from day one, for all connected mailboxes and not just for recent emails, which is how it’s done in many apps today.

Yahoo Mail even syncs every single action across all mailboxes -- moving emails between folders, deleting emails and marking them as read. Users can also send from any account connected (i.e. personal, school, work, etc.) even when using Yahoo Mail.

Here are some of the Yahoo Mail features now available across Gmail emails:

Sign in, password free: With Yahoo Account Key on mobile, there is no more need to memorize complicated passwords. Account Key makes signing in to a Yahoo account as easy as tapping a button.

Compose engaging emails: Easily add photos and videos with the new Yahoo Mail app. Try the new compose feature on desktop to find and add not only photos and videos, but also GIFs, files and links too. Just click on the “+” sign when composing a new message.

Search smarter: Find emails quickly with Yahoo Mail’s search results pages that not only display relevant messages but also files and photos from all connected mailboxes.

Access contacts across mailboxes: Yahoo Mail’s intelligent contacts manager, powered by Xobni technology, makes suggestions for whom to send an email based on the user’s habits. Yahoo Mail also displays contact cards that include information users may need about someone (i.e. email addresses, phone numbers, social media info, email history and more).

Multiple mailbox support for Gmail within Yahoo Mail is available globally today in the Yahoo Mail app and on the desktop browser.

How to connect your GMAIL account to Yahoo Mail?

To connect a Gmail account, go into Account Settings in the Yahoo Mail mobile app or on the desktop.

Now with the addition of Gmail support in Yahoo Mail, you can easily manage your mailboxes from non-Yahoo email accounts into just one Yahoo mail account!

In case you don't have a Yahoo Mail yet, time to create one and enjoy the 1TB free Yahoo Mail storage just for you.

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