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Burgos Eats, BGC - Pioneering the Shared Space Dining

Looking for a breath of fresh air in the local and casual dining scene? Max Groups’ Inc introduces us to a new concept of dining which is the Burgos Eats located in Bonificio Global City. 

Burgos Eats is the new venture of MGI that allows diners to interact with Different Brands under MGI. Burgos Eats is a spot where 5 of MGIs most loved Brands shares the same space namely Pancake House, Yellow Cab, Teriyaki Boy, Krispy Kreme and Jamba Juice.

Burgos Eats gives us a sense of diverse flavor, vibes and interactions. Inside the place, diners will find themselves surrounded by multiple yet distinct characteristics of each MGI brands. The Vibrant mood of New York inside Yellow Cab, The friendly Japanese Experience of Teriyaki Boy, The joyful sweetness of Krispy Kreme, the Healty Blends of Jamba Juice and the warm homey feeling that Pancake House gives us.

Burgos Eats allows MGI to go beyond their individual stores and create a spot where a community of diners can interact with each other and some of MGIs most loved food Brands. This means that the diners have the freedom to order whatever they want within the 5 MGI Food Brands without transferring from one store to the next. You can order your drinks from Jamba Juice and dine in at Pancake House, Teriyaki Boy, or Yellow Cab while grabbing doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. This is an innovative approach from MGI that allows diners to experience the Diversity of Dining experience that MGI has to offer.

“We envision Burgos eats to become a breath of fresh air in the local and casual dining scene and enrich the Filipinos dining tradition while catering to the country’s changing food Culture”, is how Jim T. Fuentebella, MGI Executive Director for Marketing envisions Burgos Eats. With this vision from MGI, Burgos Eats transforms one regular dining expectation to create a more intimate yet interactive urban dining experience. With the innovation, rich mix of flavors and interaction. Burgos Eat becomes an epicenter of Leisure and activity that gives the community a temporary escape from noise of the busy metro.

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