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Chord MOJO DAC/ Amplifier now in the Philippines, Priced at PHP30,990.00

One of the most sought after DAC amplifier brands due to its great quality and features, make its debut in the Philippines. And its all official, Chord MOJO is finally here!

November 24, Beyond Innovations officially unveiled Chord Electronics' Mojo Amplifier in the Philippines. Mojo or Mobile Joy, is an amplifier which is must-have for every audiophile. Audiophiles know how crucial an amplifier is, to their music, as it amplifies the sound, as if your ears are listening just right beside the artist in a recording studio.

Chord Mojo now in the Philippines

The Chord Mojo official launch in Manila, was joined by John Franks himself, Chord Electronics Managing Director. John compared the Mojo DAC Amplifier to an F1 Supercar in terms of what can it can do to making our listening beyond par. It's also too advanced for its competitor, yet reasonably priced.

So what's in a Mojo Amplifier - Technical Specs

Input ports
-a microusb port
-3.5mm jack
-optical Toslink( for optical audio cable)
-microusb(for charging)

-Two 3.5 headphone jacks(for earphones/headphones or even multimedia speakers)

Chord Mojo Specs

The Mojo amplifier is just 180G(0.4 LBS), and truly a portable amp that is a good partner to your current mobile phone or music player.

This MOJO DAC/Amplifier can turn any music into the best listening experience possible ever, even on a compressed formats like mp3s and the likes. What more, if you play FLAC or uncompressed formats...

The Mojo by Chord Electronics retails at PHP30,990.00. It's now available to all JBL Stores nationwide

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