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Samsung Gear S2 - Top 10 Features we love the most!

Christmas is just around the corner and Samsung wants us to feel special during this festive season. Aside from the Christmas bundles they are offering they have another surprise in store for us.

Looking for the perfect watch to match your Samsung Galaxy Phone? Check the Samsung Gear S2 and its Top 10 Features we like, about this new smart wearable.

At the launch of 2015 Great Samsung Giveaway bundle, Samsung gave away their upcoming product the Gear S2. We were lucky to be picked to receive this gorgeous item and one of the first few who owns it. We had enough time to review the watch days before its launch.

Samsung Gear S2

Top 10 Samsung Gear S2 features we love about this smartwatch.

10. Watch strap – Unlike its predecessor, the watch strap of the Gear S2 is removable so you have the option to switch straps depending on your liking, aside from this you also have the option to go sporty or classic as the Gear S2 also offers the watch in leather strap.

Samsung Gear S2

9. Looks like a traditional watch - I like the idea that Samsung decided to go with the traditional looks of a watch, matching it with stainless steel bezel and build, it takes on the look of an elegant and sporty watch. Aside from having the Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, the bezel is also rotatable for easier application and data browsing.

8. Customizable clock face – When I had the Gear application installed on my phone I had fun changing the face of the clock. You have the option to make the face look like an analog watch or you can also go with digital looks. You have a lot of built in designs and you can purchase other designs from the Samsung store. You also have the option to add up to two applications on the clock's face. so if you want to keep count of your total steps for the day while knowing how much battery is left on the watch you can do it by adding the pedometer and the battery meter on the clock's face.

7. Various health apps – exploring the watch I found out that aside from S health and heart rate counter the Gear S2 also have a pedometer, it can also monitor your daily activity, water and caffeine intake. The watch also have a Nike+ Running application for running aficionados, this watch is very suitable for sports enthusiast as its also dust and water resistant.

6. Fast Charging – When I received the watch I decided to check how long it will take for it get fully charged. The watch comes with a Li-Ion 300 mAh battery and can be fully charged within 2 hours. I’m not sure how long it should usually take but I think it’s fast charging.

5. Long battery Life – Having the battery fully charged after 2 hours, I only  needed to recharge the watch after 2 days, this was with mix usage of having the Bluetooth and the wifi turned on for a certain time and utilizing the health apps available in the Gear. This has a lot to say about the juice the battery has to offer as you dont need to have it constantly connected to the charger.

Samsung Gear S2

4. Wireless charging – I was amazed and intrigued at the same time when I heard this watch can be charged wirelessly. It didn’t fail me when I tried it out myself. You just need to place it on its docking station and let it do its thing. the charging dock has a magnet so when your place your watch on the docking station it wont come off easily.

3. Find my gear/phone – When the watch and phone is paired up via Bluetooth, you have the option to find whichever is missing. I find this really handy especially for me who tends to lose stuff inside my room. When you are searching for the watch using your phone the Gear S2 vibrates and lights up until you stop your phone from searching. On the other hand, searching for your phone using your Gear S2, depending on your phone settings your phone will ring and vibrate until you stop your gear from searching.

2. Sending messages using Gear S2 – When the phone is paired with the gear via Bluetooth, you will have the capacity to read, reply, and create sms messages using the watch. I find this very useful as you don’t have to take out your phone every time a message comes in.

1. Music Player – You can play music directly from your watch via bluetooth headset. The Gear has an internal memory of 4GB so you have the leisure to listen to your groove even without the phone. You just need to transfer your music files from your phone to your gear and you should be good to go.

See the Samsung Gear S2's Rotating bezel in action:

I still haven’t fully utilize the watch yet, so I’m still not familiar with all its features but I think I cover up most of the features you need to know to consider buying this piece of beauty. It wouldn’t be fun if everything was handed to you. Go buy the Samsung Gear S2 and get ready to discover the other features it has to offer.

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