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Bose's next-generation SoundTouch wireless systems unveiled

Bose announces next-generation soundtouch wireless systems with bluetooth and wi-fi

Just recently, I witnessed the unveiling of the newest, high-end gadget addition to BOSE family. That is, the next-generation SoundTouch wireless systems.  The unveiling of the new products for the selected media people happened at the Aruga by Rockwell in Makati City.  The place showcased BOSE’s multi-media devices in various forms, shapes and colours at their showroom located at the 3rd floor of the building.  Later on we were ushered to experience the full capacity of the entire SoundTouch wireless systems installed at the model unit at the 5th floor.

The immersive experience you will get the way the music is streamed flawlessly amongst the rooms will send shivers to spine. In addition, it is not only the music that you will enjoy with these SoundTouch wireless systems, but also the surround sound it makes if you are watching TV.  It completes your home theatre set and you would not ask for more.

The SoundTouch system includes the new little SoundTouch 10 speaker – all have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built right in for the best of both worlds, perfect for instant music and multi-room listening.  With Bluetooth, you can stream any song, playlist, music service, and YouTube directly from your phone or tablet.  With Wi-Fi, you can broadcast it to as many SoundTouch speakers you have, or use the intuitive SoundTouch app to explore integrated music services, set personalized presets, and enjoy different music in different rooms.

“SoundTouch has always been about the experience -- what listening to streaming music at home should be like,” said John Roselli, General Manager of Bose Wireless Speakers.  “We engineered everything around that simple idea.  So, SoundTouch systems are easier to use than anything else available, they sound incredible, and now they let you listen to anything from your phone or tablet in as many rooms as you want.  There’s nothing else like it, and the SoundTouch 10 is a great way to get started.”

The SoundTouch 10 speaker is the new addition to SoundTouch family of products which is the most comprehensive in the industry.  It’s ideal on its own, you can add more over time, or mix and match with other SoundTouch systems. The SoundTouch 10 speaker joins the new SoundTouch 20 and 30 Series III speakers, new SoundTouch soundbars, and new SoundTouch home theater systems

SoundTouch makes music streaming flawlessly as it also has the world’s most popular music services built in -- Spotify and Deezer -- each accessible through the intuitive SoundTouch app

With just a few taps, the SoundTouch app turns your phone or tablet into a powerful controller, letting you listen to the same music everywhere, or different music in different rooms.  But there’s even more freedom with SoundTouch systems.  The app lets you set six personalized presets to any music service playlist, artist or internet radio station, and change them whenever you want.  Each time you do, every SoundTouch speaker in your home remembers them automatically -- so when you don’t want to use the app, you don’t have to.  Just press a corresponding button on the SoundTouch speaker or the included remote, and with that one touch, your music starts playing -- no phone needed.  Charge it, text, take a call, turn it off, or never take it out.  Filling the room with your tracks takes a second, as fast and simple as turning on a light.

SoundTouch 20 Speakers
SoundTouch 20 in Black & White

Through new 802.11n dual-band Wi-Fi, the SoundTouch connection is stronger and more reliable with less interference and drop-outs.  The addition of 5 GHz compatibility also offers a better streaming option in crowded environments like apartment buildings in the city.  

Later this year, BOSE will begin offering features to make SoundTouch systems the best way to listen to Spotify at home.

SoundTouch systems will offer new in-app integration with Spotify alongside Spotify Connect.  From the SoundTouch app you’ll be able to search for any song, album, artist, or playlist from Spotify or Spotify users. And from the Spotify app, you’ll control SoundTouch systems directly.  Switching from the SoundTouch app to the Spotify app is seamless; you’ll pick up wherever you left off.

  “The home is one of the places where we want to deliver music fans innovative experiences,” said Jorge Espinel, VP, Global Business Development at Spotify.  “This partnership with Bose enables us to provide users with a ready-to-use music experience in the home, which blends Spotify's favorite features and playlists with Bose's innovative technology and incredible sound quality.” In which Roselli added, “SoundTouch systems are a great example of what we care about. We obsess over the big and little details that no one else has, and that includes our integration of Spotify.  With SoundTouch, you’ll be able to play it through Bluetooth, from our app or theirs, or at the touch of a button.  And that gives the millions of Spotify users all over the world more flexibility and control than they’ve ever had before.”

Bose SoundTouch 30

The new Bose SoundTouch 10 wireless music system is available for Php 13,000.00, and the new SoundTouch 20 Series III system and SoundTouch 30 Series III system are available for PHP 25,000.00 and Php 35,000.00, respectively.  Bose SoundTouch soundbars and home theater systems are also available and starts at PHP69,000.00.  All new SoundTouch systems are sold at select authorized Bose dealers and Bose retail stores.  

This November, in-app Spotify integration will be included in new systems and available to existing SoundTouch customers via a free software upgrade.

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