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PLDT opens newest Startup Studio series in Cebu, invites developers for tourism solutions

PLDT opens newest Startup Studio series in Cebu, invites developers for tourism solutions. Got the next big thing that will shake up tourism and travel? Here’s the chance to showcase your startup’s trailblazing idea.

A Travel to Disrupt was organized to call on local startups and developers to create solutions to boost Philippines' tourism industry

PLDT Startup Studio series in Cebu

Leading telecoms and digital services provider PLDT, through its ICT research and development department Innolab, has partnered with IdeaSpace Foundation in inviting participants to the latest series in the Startup Studio search for the next digital solution slated to enhance the travel experience of domestic and foreign travelers alike.

To be organized in November in Cebu, the program, dubbed as “A Travel to Disrupt,” challenges local startups to pitch in their tourism-centric enterprise solutions that can change and enhance the tourism industry in the country.

“Filipinos are very savvy when it comes to developing digital solutions that are feasible to offer in the market, they just need the right support, training, and resources that can help them put it all together in today’s market,” said PLDT VP and Head of ICT R&D Joey Limjap.

“Our partnership with IdeaSpace Foundation goes way back, and we are optimistic that we can gather new-age and highly innovative developers from this Startup Studio.”

Interested applicants may register and submit their entries at until October 28. Shortlisted applicants will be announced on November 2, 2015. For further queries, please contact Dara Ever Juan at

PLDT Innolab is the innovation laboratory of PLDT and serves as a testing ground for new products and services; a facility for technical skills training; and a laboratory where real world customer problems are dealt with daily.

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