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Funko Pop! Voltron coming soon to Funko Pop Universe

Your favorite vintage cartoon Voltron, Defender of the Universe, will be immortalized by Funko as part of its Funko Pop! Animation series: Funko Pop! Voltron Vinyl Figure

Voltron is now celebrating its 30 years, defending the galaxy from horrible menace. Who's your favorite Voltron Lion or Character?

Funko Pop! Voltron

Fans of Voltron, defender of the universe, who were then kids who most likely experience separation anxiety from these animated tv series, are now grown ups. The generation who loves  5 lion robots who unite and turn into a giant warrior robot, will be the obvious victims of this Pop! Addiction phenomena. We're one of them and wont deny it.

Let this Voltron video bring goosebumps to you

Time to activate interlocks!
Form feet and legs! Form arms and body! And, I'll form the head!

The Funko Pop! Voltron Vinyl Figure will be in full color and will be numbered 70 as the picture suggests. You can now pre-order Funko Pop! Voltron Vinyl Figure here

Voltron toy

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