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BenQ: The Top Choice for Display Solutions

BenQ, has been awarded with the Taiwan Excellence seal and the Top Choice for Display Solutions is offering its latest series of gaming monitors

In the world where people are always connected to laptops or PCs, whether for their business or entertainment needs, having the right monitor is a necessity. A high-performance monitor ensures that people are able to better appreciate and enjoy whatever it is they are doing – whether they are watching a presentation, enjoy a video, or playing a game. For PC gamers, in particular, having the right monitor is a guarantee of being able to enjoy every small detail of their games.

BenQ XL2430T Gaming Monitor
BenQ XL2430T Gaming Monitor

When it comes to display solutions, BenQ is always a top choice. Awarded with the Taiwan Excellence seal to affirm its product superiority and high quality, BenQ is synonymous with being highly innovative and is a top choice for gamers around the world, including the Philippines. According to BenQ Asia Pacific Corp. Market Development Head Mr. Johnson Choi, to date, BenQ accounts for almost 70% of the global market for gaming monitors—a sign of its superior product design and engineering given the fact that gamers are among the most discriminating and most demanding buyers of monitors. 

Standing for “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life,” the BenQ brand continues to involve the areas of life that matter most to people – enjoyment and quality. BenQ, believes that design and technology function best when they serve the real needs and wants of people. This concept is at the core of its people-driven approach to design and technology.

Reflecting this philosophy, the all new BenQ XL Series of gaming monitors with 144Hz, 1ms response time and black eQualizer has been  designed by legendary CS gamers who truly understand what it takes to raise and help gamers to enjoy excellent gaming performance. Its panoramic monitors are known for high resolution, speed, and incredibly accurate color for the most fluid, smooth and seamless competitive gaming experience. Another innovation is the curved gaming computer monitor that gives a great gaming experience for hardcore gamers.

Beyond the gaming market, BenQ is also a byword in projectors. It has pioneered various innovations that have greatly enhanced the quality and performance of projectors. In conference rooms and offices around the world, BenQ is the desired and trusted brand when it comes to finding the right display solutions, especially for projectors, digital signage’s and monitors

For instance, BenQ has designed an innovative wireless projector, which eliminates the hassles that come with the use of wires. Its projectors are compact, light, superbly designed, and deliver the best performance for all types of users. It also introduced the world’s first sRGB Colorific monitor, ensuring a vivid color display and accuracy.

BenQ, a proud Taiwan company, continues to innovate to provide more display solutions for its growing market. "It is a great honor for us to be able to create cutting edge products that evolve with our discriminating customers all over the world, including those in the Philippines who trust and stand by our products," concluded Mr. Johnson Choi.

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