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SAMSUNG'S local unveiling of the New Samsung Galaxy Note5 & Galaxy S6 edge+

Samsung continues to drive innovation in phablet devices via global unveiling of the New Samsung Galaxy Note5 & Galaxy S6 edge+

Samsung’s global unveiling of their new innovation was recently introduced in Manila coinciding with their New York press releases. They believe size does matter. In a world where the smartphone acts as the central hub of lives, individuals are seeing their careers, responsibilities, and hobbies supported by their device’s capabilities. As the global leader that introduced and drove innovation in large screen smartphones – aka phablets - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced in New York City, USA the global launch of the Galaxy Note5 & the Galaxy S6 edge+.

From a bigger and more immersive dual-edge display technology to an even more powerful & productive writing & precision tool, Samsung Electronics has engineered two incredible devices tailored for individuals who are not afraid to live big and pursue their passions in the most efficient ways possible.

Locally, Samsung Electronics Philippines hosted media, bloggers, and loyal Samsung users to have an experience of New York, as they unveiled two new flagship devices through an exclusive UNPACKED event held at Marriott Manila. Led by Business Unit Head for IT & Mobile, Digs Dimagiba, Category Head for Smartphones Ivan Pua, and Marketing Head for IT & Mobile Nio Judalena, Samsung Electronics Philippines gave local media and loyal consumers an intimate introduction, and a chance to be the first to experience the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note5 & Galaxy S6 edge+.

The Re-imagined Galaxy of BIG
Taking cue from Samsung Galaxy’s re-imagined design philosophy introduced through the Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung's newest star duo shares the same elegant aesthetics that merge beauty with purpose – now exquisitely applied to its flagship large screen devices.

Carefully crafted with metal and glass, the Samsung Galaxy Note5 & Galaxy S6 edge+ are equally beautiful devices to behold. They are protected on both sides by Corning Gorilla Glass® 4, wrapped around matte aluminum, which gives the devices a lasting gemstone allure.

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 & Galaxy S6 edge+ both have bark and bite. Inside their beautiful metal & glass frames are industry leading specifications to back them up as the biggest Galaxy devices to date. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 & Galaxy S6 edge+  are armed with a 64-bit Exynos octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM, which make them capable of powering any app or usage thrown at them. Both devices will be available with 32GB worth of storage, perfect for storing images, videos, notes, and more. If that's not enough, the Galaxy S6 edge+ is also available in a bigger 64GB variant.

Both devices are loaded with the latest Android Lollipop OS and are also compatible with future Android updates in the coming years. With LTE compatibility, exploring the Internet is not a long and arduous chore. Both devices also come with Dual SIM capabilities – bringing this expanded connectivity experience to premium devices.

All-New Design, All-Powerful S-Pen
The fifth iteration of the original large screen phablet -- Galaxy Note5 boasts of sleek sophistication as it now features a full metal body, with a curved back wrapped in glass, offering a better grip, and easier touch access to the all-powerful S-Pen.

Exclusive to the Galaxy Note series, the S-Pen has revolutionized the digital writing experience on a mobile device. Accessing and hiding the Enhanced S-Pen is easier with a click-to-pull-out system located ergonomically at the bottom of the device's curved back design.

Clicking the S-Pen's top detaches it easily from the device. Once detached, users can immediately access the New Air Command menu from which the most essential features of the phone plus up to three additional apps can be accessed simultaneously. The New Smart Select feature allows users to easily clip content they want to edit, save, and share to their social media accounts.

The Enhanced Screen Write function allows users to scroll capture entire pages of content (up to 22 pages) which they can then save for future reading or share with their friends. For those sudden inspirations & quick thoughts, the Galaxy Note5’s Screen Off Memo allows users to just pull out the pen and write a quick memo on a black screen right away for future use.

The overall writing experience is also enhanced with more accurate recognition software and lesser latency. Writing with the S-Pen will feel more natural like handwriting with an actual pen. With better recognition software, users who feel like their handwriting won't be recognized by the Galaxy Note5 will have nothing to worry about.

Finally, the Galaxy Note5 will allow the user to personalize the phone's interface with a customizable designed set of themes. The user can change the wallpapers, icons, and even the pointer of the S-Pen.

The Galaxy Note5 with an All-New Design guarantees unmatched productivity with the All-Powerful S-Pen found nowhere else. This superior functionality is powered by a larger 3,000mAh battery, further enhanced by Ultra-Fast Charging. The Galaxy Note5 will be available in the Philippines in September, in stunning Gold Platinum, and Black Sapphire color variants.

Immersive viewing on the Biggest Dual-Edge Display
Building on the strengths of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, the new Galaxy S6 edge+, gives unparalleled immersive viewing, and design aesthetics to phablets. It offers the biggest dual-edge display experience – with its 5.7” Quad HD Super AMOLED display.

The Galaxy S6 edge+ also has the most unique form factor in the phablet category. With its dual-edge display, both the left- and right-hand side has been elegantly engineered to be curved. It fits perfectly in the grip despite its large screen.

The dual-edge screen of the Galaxy S6 edge+ now comes with even more functionality. Favorite contacts, and most used Apps can be quickly accessed through the enhanced People Edge, and new Apps Edge.

The Galaxy S6 edge+ also offers an industry-leading 16-megapixel rear, and 5-megapixel front camera with F1.9 aperture. Whether in outdoor, night, or indoor conditions, the Galaxy S6 edge+ will be able to take stunning photos and selfies with or without flash. Its powerful camera also takes blur-less photos with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization).

Not only can you take high quality photos & videos easily with the advanced camera of the Galaxy S6 edge+, you will also be able to share valuable moments with family & friends in real-time. With its Live Broadcast function, you can stream video clips straight from the camera via YouTube® link to share your content.

Aside from its unparalleled immersive viewing, powerful camera with real-time sharing capability, the Galaxy S6 edge+ also comes with a UHQ Upscaler, which converts standard audio to ultra high quality audio, making it the perfect device for music lovers. A dedicated audio clock also decreases noise and sound distortion.

The Galaxy S6 edge+ is also powered by a bigger 3,000mAh battery with Ultra-Fast charging capabilities whether it’s wired or wireless. On wired charging, the Galaxy S6 edge+ is tested to charge from 0 to 100% in just 90 minutes. Wireless charging will take a longer but relatively still short time of 130 minutes. The Galaxy S6 edge+ will be available locally in September, and will come in elegant Silver Titanium and Gold Platinum variants.

Indeed, Samsung Electronics once again asserts its commitment to drive innovation in the large screen smartphone segment with the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note5 & Galaxy S6 edge+. The tech giant pioneered large screen phablets with the knowledge that consumers needed more from their devices. With these innovations, Samsung invites consumers to live BIG, and pursue their passions with a forward-thinking mindset that fully-embraces technology.

Visit Samsung Experience Stores nationwide from August 17, 2015 to Pre-View & Experience the All-New Samsung Galaxy Note5 & Galaxy S6 edge+.

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