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Samsung Galaxy Tab A: Launched with Creative Geniuses

Samsung Galaxy Tab A launched with Creative Geniuses and a Special Collaboration

Four of the Philippines’ most dynamic and creative doers and thinkers showed how they brought their ideas to life at the media launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, held last June 30, 2015 at The Nest in Bonifacio Global City.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A launched with Creativie Geniuses: Team Manila, Tags2Riches, PhoeNix Home
Galaxy Tab A with S Pen

Perfect fit as the Samsung Galaxy Tab A personalities were nationalistic visionaries Jowee Alviar and Mon Punzalan(Team Manila), top interior designer and stylist Nix Alanon (PhoeNix Home, and globally recognized social entrepreneur Reese Fernandez-Ruiz (Rags2Riches) – all of whom demonstrate the creativity, dynamism and productivity that can be achieved with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A boasts three unique features.  First, it has an S Pen that is more than just a very accurate and precise drawing and writing tool.  It also functions like a PC mouse allowing you to navigate your tablet with ease.  Collect information and capture some inspiration with Smart Select, which lets you accurately select text or images in web browsers.  You can also add handwritten notes of meetings to your calendar with the S Planner.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen

Second, it has an Optimized Screen that provides a wider view of web pages and emails.  The Samsung Galaxy Tab A delivers a quality viewing experience with its 8.0” screen and with its 4:3 ratio, it lets you see more content and bigger images in one go.  Enjoy reading web pages, e-books and emails without having to scroll endlessly, ensuring that you never miss anything.

Third, connectivity is never a problem with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A because of its full LTE Phone Functionality that lets you make calls, send SMS, and access data.  It enables you to reach out and share your thoughts from wherever you are.  Combined, these three features can help users raise productivity, as they have for our brand ambassadors.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A launched with Creativie Geniuses: Team Manila, Tags2Riches, PhoeNix Home
Samsung PH new creative ambassadors from Team Manila, Rags2Riches, PhoeNix Home

The highlight of the event was the announcement of collaboration between Samsung and these creative geniuses.  In this tie-up, these brand ambassadors are challenged to address a pressing social issue pertaining to motorists observing road rules at pedestrian crossings.  Through creativity, design and with the use of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, these brand ambassadors will leverage their respective expertise and activate their ideas to encourage motorists to slow down and stop at pedestrian crossings and the pedestrians to follow road rules as well.

Jowee and Mon are co-founders of Team Manila, a multidisciplinary graphic design studio known for its uniquely Filipino influence.  The team is the driving force behind the Graphic Designed Lifestyle, a lifestyle store selling t-shirts, bags and accessories with designs inspired by Filipino culture.  For the duo, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is the perfect drawing board to help them grow their business—its optimized screen allows them to view designs better—and this will come in useful as they venture into more local lifestyle campaigns and reach out to more fashion-forward Filipinos.

Nix is the principal designer of FTA Design, editor-in-chief of MyHome and owner of PhoeNix Home which offers hard-to-find, beautiful furniture pieces.  He honed his skills under interior design icon Vicente Wolf in New York.  The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is Nix’s perfect mood board as he juggles between designing for FTA, editing articles for MyHome, and selecting pieces for PhoeNix Home.  To ensure he is able to manage his busy schedule, he uses the direct input schedule that enables him to easily jot down handwritten notes on the S Planner.  He also relies on the full phone functionality (LTE ready) that allows him to share comments on article and design submissions by his team wherever he may be.

Reese is the President and co-Founder of Rags2Riches, a social enterprise company that revolutionized marginalized women’s business practices.  With her team of young professionals, she sought advise from designers, who demonstrated how rugs made by poor women could be transformed into fashion handbags, eyeglass cases and wine bottle holders, all for sale in top-end shops.  For Reese, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a perfect planning device to activate ideas and bring them to life.  When conceptualizing ideas with designers and community leaders, she illustrates her ideas using the S Pen on the S Note, which offers improved digital handwriting experience through enhanced pressure sensitivity.  Since she is always on-the-go, she loves the portability of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A that allows her to show her designs to her clients anytime and anywhere.

More information on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A collaboration with the four brand ambassadors is expected to be released this July.  Having experienced the wonders of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen, Jowee, Mon, Nix and Reese are confident to meet the challenge of improving road conditions in the country through technology, creativity and design.

Galaxy Tab A with S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is available for PHP 15,990 at all Samsung Experience stores and authorized dealer stores nationwide.  Activate your ideas today with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A and share how you can encourage motorists to follow road rules.

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