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How to: Upgrade your Fujifilm X100T firmware to version 1.10

Fujifilm X100T camera is one of the top of the line cameras that Fujifilm with APS-C sensor like what common DSLRs are equipped with. Fujifilm released the latest firmware for X100T to correct some functionalities and to enhance it.

A 16MP camera, that looks classy yet full of new features that any photographer would like to have. Recently, it won the 2015 iF product design awards, together with Fujifilm's X30 and FinePix XP70.

X100T Photo from:

By default, the Fujifilm X100T should have ver.1.00 firmware. Once upgraded to the latest firmware(ver. 1.10) it should fix and improve: flash function, viewfinder display, etc.

Before you upgrade, make sure the battery of your camera is fully charged, no buts nor ifs. Also, backup your pictures from your memory card, in case you still haven't saved them somewhere else.

Steps to upgrade your Fujifilm X100T to version 1.10:

1.) Format the memory card that you're using for your camera.
2.) Download the version 1.10 firmware and copy it to the memory card.

Here's where you can download the latest X100T firmware 1.10 from Fujifilm. Just click on the link and it will download the firmware upgrade to your device.

3.) Insert the memory card back to your X100T
4) Hold the "DISP/BACK" button while turning the camera on. Release the button.
5.) Follow the on-screen guide to upgrade your X100T firmware to version 1.10 (see image below)

firmware upgrade x100T

Disclaimer: Though this is the official link, download at your own risk. We don't take any responsibility for any issues you may encounter during the firmware update.

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