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Pro Earth Run 2015 Press Briefing: A movement to save Mother Earth

Pro Earth Run 2015 is set to let the world know how we can protect and save the Earth through this Advocacy run come April 25, 2015

L-R: Dir. Enrico Salazar(DENR), Dr. Palaypay(Earth Day Network), Denice Lao(Merrell Philippines)

This is our 2nd year of supporting Earth Day Network and we can say one of the advocacy runs that really matters and timely!

Last year was a success, and we are expecting that 2015 will bring more participants who want to make a difference. [See Pro Earth Run 2014]

During the press briefing held at the Merrell Store in Market Market, we were joined by DR. METODIO PALAYPAY(Chairperson, Earth Day Network Philippines Inc) and MR. JESUS ENRICO MOISES SALAZAR(Director, Strategic Communication and Initiatives Service-DENR) to provide inspiring words and pursuade each and everyone to join, spreading the word about PRO EARTH movement.

Dr. Palaypay and DENR Director Salazar both pointed out in the importance of doing this advocacy as early as now. Though there's only a few who take part, but with the rigor in making this publicly known, more will eventually take notice.

+Merrell Philippines also showed their support in protecting nature and the the same time providing outdoor gear and equipment to fellow advocates. During the event, Merrell Philippines introduced the latest active footwear, Capra. Merrell Capra can withstand different terrain, while keeping your feet protected. Its technology and design were inspired by the mountain goat.

Merrell Capra - Red |
Merrell Capra

Pro Earth 2015 Registration ends April 20, 2015. This is your last chance to join and take part in Pro Earth Run 2015 at the same time, the start of helping Protect, Respect and Oversee the Mother Earth

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