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The JEST Camp Subic Experience - a Glimpse of Jungle Life and Survival

Looking for an out-of-town trip full of fun-filled activities? Visit JEST Camp in Subic! An experience of what it's like to live in the Jungle and survival guide...

JEST Camp Subic;

There's a lot of things you can do outdoors. Some want to the feel of thrill and excitement, while some prefer to be one with nature. JEST Camp Subic offers this kind of experience.

Jungle Environmental Survival Training (JEST) has been known as a training ground for Americans when they occupied Subic as their satellite base. JEST Camp is already part of Zambales, Olongapo, a more or less 3 hour ride from Manila. It has a rich history, and helped the many to survive. Now anyone brave enough, can be a Jungle explorer and survivor, thanks to JEST Camp!
Magaul Bird Park at JEST Camp Subic |
Entrance of Magaul Bird Park at JEST Camp Subic
During our visit at Jest Camp to witness the premier of Magaul Bird Park, were were given a glimpse of the basics of surviving the Jungle outdoors. One of a must-try itineraries when you visit Subic!

Through the help of Butch, a 70% AETA, he showed us how to keep ourselves alive while in the wild. Where there's no means of electricity, cooking stove, but only your guts to stay alive and don't starve to death. First he showed us how to make useful utensils out of a bamboo wood.

Here's a clip of our very own JEST CAMP SUBIC Experience

DIY Drinking cup out of Kawayan(Bamboo) This drinking cup made from Bamboo. It was one-of-a-kind experience. Butch showed us to make it with a nose hole so you don't need to tild your head back.

JEST Camp DIY Spoon and Fork - An important utensil combo to enjoy your meal in the wild. Yes, it's jungle out there!

We also witnessed and learned how to create fire out of the shred dried parts of bamboo(see the video above). He also demoed how to create a rice cooker made of Kawayan (bamboo)
Butch, provided tips on how to keep ourselves hydrated by showing which part of the branch should be cut and a water out of it for consumption. As these young branches have water inside it, preserved to keep the branches hydrated. Thus as part of survival, we can drink it's pure content.

Jest Camp in Subic is the home of: Magaul Bird Park, Kawayan Kitchen, Life-sized Angry birds, and many more adventure-filled outdoor activities.

It's pretty unfair if you're just going to read all the reviews and not try it yourself. It's the best getaway for the summer away from the city life. Time to give in to JEST Camp and experience the Jungle adventure of a lifetime!

JEST Camp on Google Maps

Jest Camp is perfect for out of town trip, team buildings or if you wanna just get closer with nature. At the same time, JEST lets you learn how you can take part in protecting nature and its inhabitants both animals and human beings  alike.

JEST Camp Subic also offers programs where one can be a certified JEST Camp Jungle Survivor! These are usually earned by soldiers and local police officers which is already requirement and part of their training.

They will have an upcoming Jungle Boot Camp this May.

Contact JEST Camp

Planning to book that field trip or company outing? or just want to inquire? Here's how to contact JEST Camp:

Manila Booking Office: (02) 2189023 or ( 0917) 531-0992
Subic: (047) 252-1489 | Mobile: (0908) 8207048 or (0917) 796-4668

You can find more information by visiting their website:

*Photos and Video posted were shot using Samsung Galaxy E5

Whatever outdoor activity you may want to achieve this summer: Trekking, Skydiving, Scuba-diving,etc. Safety always comes first!

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