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Manny Pacquiao Funko Pop Asia Exclusive now avail...

A Funko POP! Asia Exclusive release of Manny Pacquiao Vinyl Figure is now available for Pre-order!

Funko Pop Vinyl Figures is the new hype for toy collectors and hobbyists nowadays. No one can deny it's popularity that even toy collectors had a change of heart and started collecting Funko line of products instead.

Manny Pacquiao Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure
Manny Pacquiao Funko Pop! Super-Stylized Vinyl Figure
This is only the first version of the Pacman Pop! Figure as we are expecting future sets of the Pound for Pound Champion and Pinoy Pride!

Filbar's and Big Boys Toy Store are just two of the few official retailers of the said line who already made it possible to pre-order this much awaited collectible figure from Funko. Probably the biggest and most wanted Funko POP! release since the Rocky Balboa POP! MOVIES line.

Expected SRP is around 795 to 800 PHP895. However, expect that a drastic increase in pricing will happen as the date(May 2, 2015) to the fight goes near. The higher the demand the higher the price may become. So better start reserve your slot now for the Pacquiao Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure. [See other Manny Pacquiao Funko Pop Figure here]

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