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Flickr: Preserve Memories Like a Pro

Pictures always tell us stories,  no matter how new or vintage they are. Even today we are fond of taking pictures, either through the front camera(selfie) or main camera.

Keeping the quality of the picture you store is essential, especially if you want to produce them in different formats. Unlike with the usual scheme of social networks, compressing pictures which tend to lose quality, Flickr preserves this precious moments in full, hi-res format. But you always have the option to upload them in lesser quality. 

Read on through this Press Release to know more on how you can keep those memories like a Pro by using Flickr app for your iOS or Android device: phone, tablet, and event phablets
Flickr logo
Flickr available for both iOS and Anrdoid Devices
For the past 10 years, Flickr has been a companion to millions of memories by people from around the globe, all eager to share inspiring photographs with the world. Since the birth of the first ever major online community that is able to store, organize, tag, and share digital photos, Flickr has not stopped redefining everyone’s experience of online photo sharing by providing you with world-class tools and displays that you can access almost anytime, anywhere.

Flickr knows that there are just too many memories to save and share. On Flickr, that is not a problem, since everyone gets 1 terabyte of FREE storage to save each memory that comes with every photo.  In addition to a large depot of all these photos, the high quality of your images is retained simply because Flickr believes you deserve the best. Flickr preserves the beauty of your photos so that each time you store and access your photos, you see the images the same way you remember them. Nothing less. Retained photo quality plus large storage space means you don’t have to worry about posting as much photos as you want.

Flickr for Android
Flicker snapshot on a Samsung Phone loaded with Android
With Flickr, you can use editing tools and choose a filter to fit your mood when taking that shot.  In case you change your mind, you may also change the filters after you have taken the picture.  Then you can edit the exposure, color balance, and levels to make the photo suit your taste.  You will really feel like a professional photographer when you use Flickr as you can see the specs of your shot by simply tapping on your photo.  You will be able to see the focal length, aperture, shutter speed and other details of the photo you have taken.

Flickr also allows you to preserve videos. Capture more screen time with Flickr’s 30-second HD video feature wherein you can place different segments of footage and delete segments you don’t like with a tap. You can apply the same filters available with photos to your videos to fully capture that moment in your life.

Flicker snapshots on an iOS device

With Flickr’s auto sync feature, you never have to worry about losing pictures as it instantly uploads new photos from your gallery to your Flickr account when your device is connected to Wi-Fi. It’s like your personal instant cloud storage! You don’t have to constantly back up your photos as it does it by itself, so your memory stays with you.

Searching through your thousands of photos and videos is also made simpler as Flickr’s intelligent search engine will help you find what you’re looking for ASAP. Easily look back to past experiences by typing in the date (ex: “January 2014”), place (ex: “Manila”), or object that is in the picture (ex: “car,” “sunset,” “beach,” “portrait”) to let Flickr know what you are looking for. So next time you are looking for a throwback photo, you can search through your old Flickr photos and pick the perfect memory to reminisce!

Everyone memory deserves to be kept. So whether you are an aspiring shutterbug or a professional photographer, let Flickr be your partner in preserving memories!

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