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2015 Philippine Holidays [Infographic]: Plan ahead

Take note of the Philippines Holidays for 2015 through this infographic from's Twitter account.

Plan your vacation ahead by considering the Holidays of each month. Some, might have booked their flights and itinerary for the summer. If you haven't and still undecided when to book vacation and file your leaves for the current, this infographic should serve as your guide.

The months of April and  December have the most number of Holidays. By planning ahead, you can file vacation leave(s) a day ahead or after the Holiday. If you want to take advantage of the premium pay during the holidays and earn extra, then you can file your vacation leaves at a different day or beside your day off.

At times, computation of the premiums on how much you can get for the holidays are confusing. Good thing that there's a guide to help you differentiate the holiday premiums(double pay)

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