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AEE S70 ActionCam Review: 10 Top Reasons why you need to buy one

Looking for a good action camera for your ultimate getaway? How about take your selfie photos to next level? Read on and know what's our take on AEE Magicam's S70 action camera

Action cameras are trending these days and it' excruciating finding one that fits your lifestyle. From the time Go Pro action cameras were released, it became a worldwide hit. Well, AEE, the makers of S70 and S50 action cameras, is making a stand. Not only with the price, but also with its rich features and hard-to-pass specs.

We managed to review the current top of the line action cam of AEE available in the country, the AEE Magicam S70. Here are the 10 reasons why we think you should get one, based from our review

AEE S70 glam shot
Glam shot from
1.) WaterProof Case (Submersible Up to 100M)

The AEE Magicam S70 is in full battle mode right from the start. It houses the camera right inside a protective casing that is submersible to water and the camera remain dry inside.

Never worry if you need to dive on the pool or go scuba diving as the S70 can shoot pictuers or in video underwater up to 100m. That's 328 Feet. Whoa!

Can you go that deep?

Front Face of AEE Magicam S70
Actual Photos of AEE Magicam S70
2.) Bundled with 2-inch LCD

Having an LCD, gives you more freedom to frame your shots right before you actually capture it. Then you can preview, review or scan the pictures afterwards.

The review unit that we have already comes with an LCD, and should be the usual package that you'll get.

3.) Flexible mode of shooting
There's a connotation that action cameras should just be used for the extreme, but not the S70. You can shoot still on S70 for up to 16MP. During our review we find it a necessity to change the amount of pixel you're going to use. Specially when you want to be uploaded easily. You can switch it down to 12MP and 8MP

AEE Magicam S70

Here are sample shots we took using the AEE Magicam S70 Action Camera

4.) Plug and Preview

For those who are using Win 8 or 8.1, the S70 Magicam, can be easily plugged using the provided USB Cable. Within seconds it should be detected and you can easily browse the pictures on the memory card. Either you. No need for you to install a drive as the pictures can be easily be detected and viewed.

5.) Supplied with lots accessories (Some may vary depending on the supplier)
  • Removable display 2".
  • Protective waterproof box (up to 100 meters).
  • Additional deep cover for underwater case.
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting knob.
  • Two flat platform on industrial 3m scotch.
  • Two curved platform on industrial 3m scotch.
  • Camera bracket with a screw.
  • Long adjusting screw (with nut).
  • Set of inserts prevent misting of the lens during the dive.
  • USB cable.
  • Lace at the wrist.
  • Bag for storage.
  • User manual.

6.) Lots of Buttons

For an action cam, having a lot of buttons and switches is a treat. And the S70 has a lot of them. The S70 action cam has a total of 14, 10 buttons and 4 switches. Where the main competition has a few, not even half of what the S70 already have.

7.) Long Battery Life

Each package comes with 1500 mAH Lithium Ion Battery. On paper, it can last up to 2 hours max for video recording. While up to 3 hours for audio reocording,

8.) Built-in tripod mount

The camera body's bottom has a tripod mount and follows the size of standard tripods or table-top tripods. So if you already have an existing tripod from your digicam or slr, you can use that one. No need buy another expensive pole for your action cam.

9.) The Steal Pricing

AEE S70 is being sold on retail at ₱17,999.00. Don't forget, more than a handful of accessories are already included in the package. In terms of availability, any SM Malls have it. Henry's Camera Photo Stores have it as well.

10.) Shoot remotely via Smartphone App 

Yes, the AEE S70 can be controlled by smartphone. AEE developed an app for the two leading Mobile operating systems, iOS and Android. Just download the app from the appstore, connect via wifi then , you can start shooting stills and videos using your smartphone or tablet. Aside from this, you can download the picture down to your smartphone through the AEE Magicam app. No need for PC Connection.

Based on our review there are still other top reasons why you need to get the AEE over the competition, but we keep the list to 10.

The Camera comes with 1 year warranty to give you the peace of mind and focus more on capturing outdoor activities.

Ready to get one?

*Actual photos of AEE S70 were all shot using an iPhone 5s

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