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Help Stop Ebola with Facebook: Donate, It's not too late!

No need for another bucket of that cold ice, for the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE. This just by using Facebook you can donate and help stop EBOLA VIRUS. Here's how...

Facebook, one of the top social networking sites, doesn't only let you hit the like button to show your support in stopping Ebola from spreading. Its shout out, "Together We Can Help Stop Ebola" is pretty clear that Ebola Virus must be stopped. And we can help!

 Help Stop Ebola through Facebook

You might have already seen the image on top. By default it calls out your Facebook name, followed by "You Can Help Stop Ebola". Yes, through Facebook you can donate and support in fighting and stopping the spread of this deadly virus.

You have the option to choose which organization or charity your donation will go to. There 4 charities who are also in the fight against Ebola

Help Stop Ebola through Facebook

Then you can select the amount that you want to donate. Minimum amount is ₱100.00 PHP, max of ₱ 1000.00 PHP. But, if you think you can and feel generous about it, you can enter enormous amount.

Help Stop Ebola through Facebook by donating

You can manually enter an amount to donate between ₱1 PHP and ₱45,437 PHP. You can get more information about Ebola through these agencies:

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