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Funko POP! Roadshow Philippines: Funko POP Time!

Funko POP Fans unite! It's time for the Funko POP! RoadShow which is scheduled over the weekend

So you still don't have any idea what a Funko POP figure is? Where are you living by the way? Funko POP Figures has been there for quite some time, but only a few appreciates the beauty and detail of each Funko figure back then
Year 2014, Funko POP Vinyl Figures showed a big boom in sales, as more and more people looked for their own Funko figure. Now for the first time, Funko POP! Figures in the Philippines will have it's own event. Not another cosplay con or toy con but it's very own event, Funko Pop Style.

This is a two day event that runs from November 29 to 30, 2014 which will be held at THE PLAZA, 2nd floor of New Port Mall, Resorts World Manila

Official Funko POP Roadshow event partners are:

  • Arigatoys Collectibles
  • Big Boys Toy Store
  • Filbar's
  • Kramer Toy Warden
  • and of course, FUNKO FUNATIC Philippines, the biggest and shall we say organized Funko POP group in the country.
Great way to spend your weekend Funko Pop fans at Resorts World Manila for the 1st ever Funko Pop Roadshow. This event is made possible by Mindstyle Philippines.

More information about these awesome Vinyl Figures can be found on the official Funko POP website.

What's your favorite Funko POP figure so far?

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