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Windows 10 announced: Brings back the Start Menu

Windows 10 is here! Aren't you excited to download Windows 10 on your computer?

Windows just announced its best & latest Windows operating system yet, the Windows 10 operating system. This new Windows OS promises to help bring back the love we have for Win 7 yet driven to fulfill the needs of the cloud-hungry apps and connectivity. An answer to the outcry from the issues users are having with their current OS.

Windows 10 now available

Take a glimpse at the beautiful start menu. Nope, It’s not a throwback or flashback of Windows 7 and earlier Windows operating system with the Start Menu. This is the Windows 10 start menu. 
 Windows 10 start menu

“Windows 10 represents the first step of a whole new generation of Windows, unlocking new experiences to give customers new ways to work, play and connect,” said Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Operating Systems group at Microsoft. “This will be our most comprehensive operating system and the best release Microsoft has ever done for our business customers, and we look forward to working together with our broader Windows community to bring Windows 10 to life in the months ahead.” 

Want to experience the new Windows 10? Microsoft will release a Windows 10 technical preview for tech support guys and admins come October 2, Manila. We can't wait to download Windows 10 on our computers.

We have a feeling that this will be a hit to Windows fans. Which feature would you like to see on Windows 10? Looking forward in downloading the Windows 10 Technical Preview

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