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Legit Misfitz Jabongga Video released after 2 decades!

If you've been raised during the era of Pinoy hiphop you should know how Jabongga rhymes. Jabongga the viral track back 20 years ago of  Legit Misfitz, finally have its own Music Video

Dash Calzado 1/2 of  Legit Misfitz
Dash Calzado, during the Wave 89.1 Anniversary Party
It's been 20 years since Legit Misfitz' Jabongga hit the airwaves. But watching this video make it like still fresh out of the recording studio. Watch Legit Misfitz' Jabongga together with Philippine All Stars.

Legit Misfitz is a rap duo formed in the 90's composed of Dash Calzado and Jhego Catabay. The creation of the Jabongga music video is something historical and epic. This brings back the good memories you have where, the Filipino Rap Scene is very much appreciated. 

Dash Calzado and Pino G
Dash with Pino G.

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