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Viber 5.0: Adds Video Calling and updates to iOS and Android

Viber just added Video Calling and updated its messaging app together with fixes and elevated changes through Viber 5.0 app. Viber is considered to be the number 1 free messaging app in the Philippines, which is widely used by  more than 13 million users

Recently Viber Philippines and Itchyworms released the Lost in Space Sticker Pack, which features the latter, with fun and witty stickers that adds life to your regular text messages.

Now, Viber proudly publicize the latest version of their messaging app, Viber 5.0 which adds useful features, enhancements and more reason to enjoy those chit chat moments with friends and colleagues. These enhancements are not only seen in the messaging and voice calls part of the app,  but also added video calling!  Yes Viber 5.0 is the latest upgrade of Viber which targets Android and iOS devices.

Videocalling on viber now available

Messaging either through SMS or Voice has been part of the lives of the Filipino people for years. Both means requires load credits. However with Viber, we can chat, talk and interact with our friends and family even just by using a WiFi connection.

“We’re delighted to bring video calling to mobile,” said Talmon Marco, Viber CEO.  “Now that you can make video calls from your phone as well as on your PC and Mac, you can always talk in the way that’s most convenient for you, wherever you happen to be. ”
Viber updates desktop apps

The latest Viber app, Viber 5.0, seeing your loved ones face-to-face even when they're far away from you, is no longer impossible. Thanks to the video calling capability with the newly released Viber 5.0, we can personally tell them how we feel, just like we are in front of them. 

Students can now have face meeting with each other and discuss their group project. While celebs and businesses who's are always busy can still interact with their fans through video calls. Talking to someone and being able to see them, no matter where they are, is always a thrilling experience.

Also, with Viber 5.0, QR code support is now active, where you can simply scan the code, instead of typing the whole number then save it right away!

Viber adds QR code support
Viber now with QR-code support

Here are notable enhancements to Viber 5.0 for Android and iOS:

iOS: Users can manage sticker packs more easily, turn sticker packs on or off, reorder sticker packs, as well as easily forward photo messages.

Android: Users can enjoy a fresh new redesign, making it easier and more fun.

Viber redesigns Viber for Android
Viber revamps its android messaging app

Viber also made sure that desktop applications for Windows, Windows 8 and OS X will get an upgrade:

Desktop v4.3: Includes a new and improved design, a fun backgrounds gallery and many improvements and bug fixes.

Win 8 v3.2: Features a new and improved design, an updated snap mode with stickers, emoticons and notifications. Other highlights and bug fixes include an easier way to search contacts, the ability to see online contacts from the home screen and PNG support for photo messages

Truly you can feel the vibe everywhere through Viber. Good Vibes...that is!

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