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Minutes to Apple Live Event: 9.9.14 Birth of iPhone 6

Apple’s keynote on the official release of its new products is about to go live in a few minutes. That’s September 9, 2014, 10A Pacific Time in the US and September 10, 2014 1A Manila Time on our end

It’s not only iPhone 6 that will be released today, but also the rumored iWatch, the new iOS(iOS 8), and perhaps another version of iPhone 6.

Apple fans use the hashtags #Apple and #AppleLive to tweet about the event. So if you’re far away from Cupertino, California, or have no means to watch it live, then follow these two hash tags to see how the world responds.

Meanwhile here are some of the pictures taken by Apple about the pre-event happening at Flint Center in Cupertino. The about to be birth place of the new iPhone, iPhone 6. (all photos from Apple’s website

Prepare for the latest and most advanced iPhone yet

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