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iPhone 6 casing spotted before the actual release

A few days before the scheduled announcement of iPhone 6, we already spotted iPhone 6 cases to go with it!

Yes, the release of the new iPhone on September 10(Manila Time) is no longer a rumor. So might as well have a good protection to go with it!

iPhone 6 Krusell casing from Kimstore

Yes, it's already available for sale before you can actually own the much awaited release of  the iPhone 6. Kimstore, an online gadget store that many Pinoys trust with their gadget needs, just announced the impossible. They just announced the KRUSELL case collection for the iPhone 6. It will be available in 3 different models: Malmo Flipcover, Kalmar Walletcase, and FrostCover.

  • Malmo Flipcover(1,275) Available in 3 color variants: Pink, Blue, Black
  • Kalmar Walletcase(1,490) Available in 2 colors: Brown, Black
  • FrostCover (990) Available in 4 color variants: Pink, White, Black, Blue

Each casing model is designed to protect the iPhone without blocking the important functions and buttons. 

Yes, the new iPhone 6 from Apple is an interesting device with lots of new and cool features. Taking good care of it by making sure it's protected through the use of a durable casing is a must. After all you don't want to turn that iPhone happiness into a iPhone frown and frustation due to bumps and bruises on its aesthetics.

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