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Grandest Parents Day at the ARANETA Center

Araneta Center recognizes Grand Parents in the country by celebrating the Grand Parents day with a bang on August 7!
Celebrate Grand Parents Day at Araneta Center
Grandest Parents Day at Araneta Center

To celebrate  and commemorate the greatest moments we had and we are having, Araneta Center created fun events where our Grand Parents are the stars! Check out the fun events from September 1-7 not only for the Grand Parents out there, but also for the whole family, only at the Araneta Center:

  • Grand Photo Op
  • Grand Movie Treats
  • Grand Zumba Party
  • Grandest Day Music Treats

Here's one more reason to celebrate the Grandest GrandParents Day at Araneta Center! 

What's the most memorable moment you had with your grand parents? Share them by commenting below

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