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Yahoo AVIATE tells cool facts on how Smartphones are used!

How many apps do you have installed on your smartphone? Ever wonder how often we use those apps on our smartphones? 

Did you know that on an average, we have 95 apps on our device, wherein we use about 35 throughout the day and interact with over a hundred per day? We just did!

Yahoo Aviate Logo
Yahoo Aviate
Yahoo Aviate has teamed up with the data scientists at Yahoo Labs to better understand how Aviate users interact with their phones each day. The infograph below shows interesting facts on how Android users with Yahoo Aviate interact with their phones daily. 

Yahoo Aviate Infographic

Yahoo Aviate is an android app launcher that makes users more smart and productive whenever they use their smartphones. They make your android phones work efficiently providing access to the most useful information easily accessible right on your phone. Genius right?

You can download Yahoo Aviate from Google Play and see how it works out for you!

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