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Flappy Bird, what makes this game addictive?

It's a bird, it's plane....Oh wait! It's a Flapping Bird
Flappy Bird Pixelated Logo

      We don't know what's with birds, but game developers find love and appreciation whenever they create a game with birds as the stars. Whether we like it or not, many of us are getting hooked to these game, just like the rest of the world. Hate the game or get addicted to it, it's a world wide phenomenon.

Fappy Bird Start Screen

      Flappy Bird is much like the Helicopter Game. Why? In the Copter game you need to hold and release the mouse button to navigate the RC Helicopter while maneuvering to keep it from colliding with obstacles ahead. You need to hold the left mouse button to navigate the copter upwards and releasing the button will make it head downwards.

      In this game, you need to keep hitting/tapping the screen if you want the bird to keep on flapping to go upwards, and the bird will go downwards if you don't.

Snapshot of the Copter Game

Created by .GEARS makers of small-sized apps from Vietnam who were inspired by retro-styled pixelated games (think of Super Mario, Contra, Galaga), Flappy Birds is getting much attention world wide and hitting the high seas on search engines.

    The concept of the game is to keep the bird from hitting the pipes by flapping upwards or downward. Each pipe passed, is equivalent to one point, making it hard for the player to score. But once you get your rhythm you can score as much as you can keep the bird flapping without hitting any pipes. You'll be getting medals once a certain number of points were reached.

So what makes Flappy Bird flapping till sunrise?

      The game is pretty simple. The objective is "tongue in cheek". But the technique and patience to keep the bird alive and flapping is something not all can accomplish. Even if you're able to get some high scores and collect medals, each game play is different from the other. Getting a high score doesn't guarantee you that your next game will automatically be another high score game.

Flappy Bird Game Over Screen
In Flappy Bird, getting a high score doesn't guarantee you that your next game will automatically be another high score game
Every time you see the game over screen, see that you haven't passed your recent score, you want to start all over again. Having a mindset or thinking that this time, you will be more careful and patient enough to not hit the green pipes on top and the bottom of the play screen. This time you'll use a different strategy or perhaps use the same style you applied the time you hit your highest score.

What are the system requirements to run Flappy Bird on your smart device?

For iOs the Flappy Bird can be played as long as you have the iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5 it will still work with iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch. It will not consume much of your storage, as it's only 2.4mb small.

Flappy Bird Start Screen

On android as long as you have Android OS 2.2 and up, Flappy Bird will run smoothly, not to mention it's only less than 1MB( 894 kB in size to be exact). As of the time of writing, the Flappy Bird app already recorded a whopping 50 Million downloads in Android alone.

Check out the Flappy Bird's creator tweets, here

So keep on flapping. Care to share the highest score you made so far w/o the use of shark codes?

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