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Philips "Innovation that Matters to you" Campaign helps Visayas

Campaign by Philips to help Filipinos
Campaign by PHILIPS to help Yolanda Victims can be summarized in 7 Steps
     Recently, the Pearl of the Orient, Philippines, was hit by a devastating typhoon that left many homeless, breathless, and weeks without food, clothing, and drinking water. People around the world, also felt how helpless the victims are, that they started fund raising through different events-for-a-cause, charity work, etc.

Yes a super-typhoon locally named as Yolanda, and internationally know as Haiyan. There are lots of people who kept on saying.. "If only this was done, then this won't happen", "If only we have this then we this could've been prevented"...

Over the past month, the Philippines was hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda (internationally known as Haiyan). The havoc it brought costs P13.1 billion to buildings and infrastructures, including health concerns, and access to healthcare. Statistic says it affected more than 9 Million people living in the Visayas region. Truly an unforgettable incident, that they have to wake up from; like a nightmare that keeps on haunting them up to this day.

      Since we live in a world surrounded by technology and innovative people, why not we use this as means of preventive measure to such unwanted calamities. Why not we use the technology advancements to our advantage specially for this kind of situations.

      “Innovations that matter to You” program teams up with Filipinos to help communities in the Visayas get back on their feet.  Back in 2011, Philips already initiated the ‘Meaningful Innovation’ program in Asian countries like Indonesia, Korea, Thailand and Singapore.

       Through this program Philips underpins its commitment to define and deliver meaningful innovations to improve the quality of lives of people in Asia Pacific. This year the program was rolled out across Asia Pacific, including the Philippines earlier this year.

     Just last week, November 28, through a round table discussion, Philips shared to us that their vision and why they chose to continue the ‘Meaningful Innovation’ program in the Philippines. But, this time  they want it specifically target the affected communities in the Visayas. With this program, it will help the Visayans and people around them stand up again and rebuild.

What are your ideas to help improve the quality of life of Filipinos through meaningful innovations?

       “As we continue with this program aimed at helping affected communities in the Visayas, we are giving Filipinos the opportunity to directly help fellow Filipinos through meaningful innovations,”
said Philips Country Manager, Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno. “At Philips, we don't just innovate for innovation’s sake. We innovate for your sake. We do this by listening and understanding the needs of people, families, and communities. Through meaningful partnerships, this program ultimately rallies a movement to improve the quality of lives of affected Filipinos – it is every Filipino’s program.”

To simplify the Philips ‘Meaningful Innovation’ program in the Philippines, let's put in on 3 different phase:
  1. Crowdsource. Filipinos are invited to submit their ideas for innovations that would address the needs of the affected communities by Typhoon Yolanda at Again, this could be through a supporting infrastructure to be re-built, providing access to healthcare solution, or helping families get back on their feet.
  2. Curate. A group of Philips local and Global executives, together with partners will shortlist six (6) ideas from all crowd sourced ideas based on set criteria. Filipinos will then be invited to vote for the innovations that would best address the needs identified. The most voted idea becomes the project to be delivered.
  3. Deliver. By teaming up with government, NGOs, and the Filipino people, the very first Philips ‘Meaningful Innovation’ in the Philippines will be delivered to the Visayan community chosen.

With over 120 years of innovation heritage, Philips partners with Filipinos to help pave a way for a better future for typhoon affected Filipinos by delivering meaningful innovations.

   Together with #BenteunoArmy and other media means, Philips invites everyone to create and envision on what we can do to help out, by submitting their entries until December 20, 2013. To get more information about “Innovation that Matters to You” program in the Philippines you can visit their website by clicking on this link. For more details regarding Asia Pacific program just click on this link.

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