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BenteUno Labs™: JBL J22i Review

Planning to upgrade your earphones for your iPhone/iTouch, you may want to include this on your list...

JBL J22i by
JBL J22i by Harman made for iTouch, iPhones

For the love of sound, we can't help but review another music gear to go with your favorite audio tracks. Even if technology advancement tells everyone that wireless should be standard, we still can't help but to go for wired earphones/headphones, as they're much affordable and doesn't require power for you to enjoy them.

This time we'll review one of the successful earphones from the J-series of JBL by Harman. The JBL J22i.

At a Glance:

     The JBL J22i comes in two variants: Black/JBL Orange and White/ JBL Orange. We got the chance to review the white one, and we find it appealing to our ears and eyes. It's lightweight, and the flat cables are great specially if you want your earphones to last.

JBL J22 Earphones

The "i" on J22i means it's made for iPhone, iTouch models as the remote control w/ mic is engineered to control the said devices. It can control volume intensity, play/skip/rewind that audio track, directly from the remote without the need to pickup the device from your pocket

 Key Features

  •  High performance 8.6mm drivers
  • Flat-elastomer cables,
  • Apple 3-button remote
  • Comfortable silicon sleeves
  • 3.5mm gold-plated jack with  6mm extension ring


+Less tangles
+built-in mic
+Mic works even on non-iOS/Apple products
+3.5mm jack


-Needs amplifier when used with non-Apple A/V players and devices
- not for "Super-bass" audiophiles


JBL J22 Earphones |

       The color and design of J22i is just nice and can fit in on whatever style possible. Will notably suit the working class. Whether your wearing jeans or that dressed-to-kill corporate attire, the JBL J22i is still fashionable enough to wear, and this is what we totally like.It has the minimalist style and won't give a hard time for your outfit-of-the-day.

    May it's the Black J22i or the white one, they booth look stylish, and JBL fans will definitely love its simplicity.

Packs and Specs:

Here's the technical specifications of J22i(geek mode)
  • Type: In-ear style
  • High-performance driver: 1-1/32" (8.6mm)
  • Frequency range: 18Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Flat elastomer cable: 4' 3-3/16" (1.3M)
  • Plug: 1/8" (3.5mm) gold plated

 The JBL22i comes with the following items inside:

  • A set of J22i in-ear headphones
  • 3 Pairs of Silicon Sleeves (S,M,L)
  • A carrying pouch
  • Owner’s manual
  • Warranty card

JBL J22 Earphones |
The JBL J22i package. Wishing they have JBL stickers inside

The Examination

There are no special skills required to use them. Just pop them out of the box, choose the silicon sleeve that will perfectly fit your ear-holes.

Performance-wise, this J22i provides un-adultered audio output. It provides, crisp and clear output right into your ears. Though the bass, may need more power, but we find it just right, as it lives to its name of providing pure bass.

We like the flat cable as it's the best invention out there created for people who likes their earphones wired to their media player. It gives you less tangles. Yes it will still get tangled, but you can easily fix them without worrying that the wires inside will easily get broken.

The extension ring may be a minor feature, but it's a plus. As it allows you to plug in the earphones even if you have thick protective casing installed on your mobile device. Pretty neat!

JBL J22 Earphones |

 The cable is long enough to be placed on the back pocket of your jeans or back pack so that it won't get into your way.

The buds are so comfy to wear even for long trips. JBL included 3 different sizes of silicon sleeves, depending on your need, so that it will securely fit your ears. They're removable for easy to allow removal of dirt that gets in when used outdoors.

JBL J22 Earphones |
Thin yet durable to handle the usual wear and tear

Bente Uno’s Conclusion

The JBL J22i is not your average earphones, period. From the box, to the out-of-the box experience you know inside out that it's truly JBL. The sound quality it produces is realistic enough to outshine competitors who usually focus on bass, and bass alone. The performance of these phones can blend in to any genre of music that you're going to listen to.

This is made for Apple's iPods, iPhones, and different iPad models. So if you would like to get the best sounds and experience, better use it with the said Apple products. It will work on other mobile devices and music gear, but the experience maybe different. We tried it on a Blackberry and on an Android device, the microphone works, no problems. Music streams up to ears and didn't notice technical issues. So for non-Apple devices get the J22 instead so that you can maximized its features.

Care to have these Js in your ears? Its time to roll in the street while you have them in your ears! The JBL J22i In-ear headphones retails at PHP2,990.

Now we're curious how its bigger bros, the JBL J33 and JBL J55 performs!

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