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A Blogger's Night with the Stars of My Little Bossings

Friday the 13th, got invited to join and witness the Blogcon entitled Blogger's Night for the movie "My Little Bossings" which is one of the entries for Metro Manila Film Festival 2013.

The venue was filled with excitement when Bossing Vic Sotto and little bossing Ryza Mae Dizon, entered the reserved place. All bloggers present can't help but take pictures of the two, who are all smiles. It partially delayed the introduction of the host of the night, Ms. Melai Entuna, who seamlessly headed the talks and Q & A portion.

The two bossings, Bossing Vic Sotto and little Bossing Ryza, always gives us a burst of laughter whenever they answer questions from the press, showing us that they indeed had lots of fun while making the movie "My Little Bossings" 

Bossing Vic Sotto tickles Ryza Mae Dizon after answering a query from the Press. Direk Bibeth cant' help but to giggle

Direk Bibeth shares an account where Oyo asked her what makes his dad a good comedian. She said that " Bossing"(Vic) doesn't over-think it, he believes in the role, the script, he believes in the story as a whole. So this must've been the now known secret of Bossing why every MMFF movie he stars in is a sure Box Office Hit!

When asked why Kris Aquino's picture is not on the poster, Vic answered just like a true Boss, which he truly is. He said that she(Kris) is like a "book end" and the latter chose it to be that way that the poster will carry and no need to emphasize on the picture. They all want to focus on the story, the moral lesson that it will bring, and of course how it will touch the hearts of its viewers.

Let us give you a sneak peak of the movie trailer of My Little Bossings, showing on December 25.

It's just less 10 days and My Little Bossings will be officially available in cinemas nationwide. Let's support all the entries for MMFF 2013. It's not who or what movie will make it to the top, nor it's about who will be the Number 1 Top Grossing movie of the year. It's about spending time with your family and loved ones, while enjoying quality Pinoy blockbusters.

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