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Trend promotes Online Privacy & Security with “What’s Your Story” Video Contest for Young Filipinos

Want to win cash prizes by making viral videos? Who would say no? 

If you like sharing videos or want to make a difference on this ever-growing population of internet users, then we encourage you to read more...

On the last weeks of October, attended an event of Trend Micro Inc. where it encourages Filipinos from young as 13 and above to get themselves involve in its advocacy. An advocacy that promotes the right use of Internet and Social Media together with the tips on how we can help other aware about the risks.  

For the first time in APAC, Trend Micro invites Internet and Social Media users to submit videos that will move others if not educate on safeguarding oneself about the dangers of the Internet if not used responsibly.

It has been observed that Internet helped us a lot from connecting distant people, ease of transacting over the internet, and many more. Unfortunately, together with these great improvements, the ease of getting online is as easy as tongue-in-cheek that more and more young people are using the net without limits. Posting photos or videos on what most of them considered OK, usually resulted in unwanted publicity. Some are even bullied online that caused the victim to end their lives.

Some event lose their jobs because their employers felt they degraded the standards of the company. Most of the time it's getting out of control, which they end up reaping what they sow, in a negative way.

"Trend Micro has been worked to build a safe online environment for Internet users. We have taken the responsibility upon ourselves to deliver the ideas of online security and online reputation to all families and their children, and would like to promote these ideas via multi-media content," says Jenny Chen, Chief Culture Officer of Trend Micro. Across the globe, Trend Micro works with schools and NGOs to spread greater awareness, resulting in growing participation.

It's already been a tradition to do this on a year after year in making sure that awareness towards safe surfing will be globally known. For this year, 2013, the "What's Your Story?" contest theme focuses on the question "How do I keep a good reputation online and what are the consequences of not doing so?" With this, the young online crowd are ready to create, share and help their fellow Netizens on being one of the many responsible users of the Internet by creating their home-made videos, which will portray the said theme.

"It is our intent that one day all family members, including children and teens, will be able to use the Internet correctly and safely," she added.

So how can you join and win? This is open to all internet users who are 18 years old and above, who will need to submit a 30-second to 2 minutes max video that conveys the title. Two categories will be available for the participants: Individual and School Category

School Category – open to 13 to 17-year old student who are currently enrolled, where their entry should be submitted by the school's representative.

Individual Category – 18 years old and above, employed or not, as long as you get video your way in.

The competition already started November 1 and will proceed until December 13, 2013. Interested parties can join by uploading the entry on the official competition website: Details about the contest and requirement for the video entries can also be found here.

If you think you have the best story, or if you feel that your video can make a difference then you better not be shy, because we're going to tell you why:

Trend Micro will pick 2 winners for each category. For each category there will be a Grand Prize winner and a runner up, where the latter will take home $600 USD. For the Grand Prize Winner will get a whopping $2000 USD.

Wait there's more. Whuut? Yes, for the Grand Winners for each category will then represent the Filipino nation in the Asia-Pacific competition and will have the chance to be selected to cop the grand prize of $5000 USD each!

Yes making a difference by simply sharing is worth-doing. Help us spread the word, make this viral and join the "What's Your Story?" contest. Don't forget to share your winning entries at

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