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Alice Dixson poses for a Men's Magazine, cold front no more

She starred as Faye in Okay Ka, Fairy Ko!, a hit TV show back in the days. She even played Dyesebel, our own version of a living mermaid who fell in love with a Human kind. She also played leading lady roles for movies back then where they have steamy-hot scenes. Yes, Alice Dixson must have been always tired, because she's been running on most men's mind all the time, back then...

Now, 2013, she unfolds again her beauty as she flaunt herself in front of the cameras and chooses FHM(For HIM Magazine) to share and let us know that she still has it. And for the 80's kids, this must feel like a reunion of their long lost goddess.

According to FHM's Official FB fan page this will hit the newsstands come December 2. It will also be available as a digital download so tablet users can zoom and and zoom out her pictures smoothly. Alice Dixson who's now 44 years proves that age doesn't matter, as long as you still take care of your body.

Ex-Kids who were born in the 80's must still remember the Palmolive commercial, and guys, who were still kids during that time, must have mimic her while taking a bath. Can you feel it?

Netizens are going gaga over her the preview of her cover for FHM, as they share their opinion and debate. But, one thing for sure, we still love her and she definitely deserves to be the cover as she balances the cold front and the temperature down south.

Let's see who will get their Alice Dixson's FHM cover first. Looking forward to the autograph-signing. S/O to Alice!

She can still feel it!

*Credits to owner(s) of the photos and video. We don't own them!

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  1. Do you know when the autograph signing is and where? Please pm me

    1. Hi Karen. December 14 is the date for Autograph signing. Venue? Robinson Galleria Movie World. 6P-8P. Enjoy!

  2. We'll keep you posted once we have enough details. Don't forget to follow us on twitter/IG: @benteunodotcom


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